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Influence of electron releasing groups in benzylidene thiocarbohydrazide and their synergistic effect with iodide ions on acidizing corrosion inhibition of carbon steel in 15% HCl solution - Experimental and theoretical approachJayakumar, Sathiya Priya; Murugadoss, Vignesh; Angaiah, SubramaniaIJCT Vol.28(4) [July 2021]385-401
Biodegradation of phenolic compounds using immobilized Pseudomonas aeruginosa on granular activated carbon: Effect of immobilization, kinetic study and microbial regenerationJain, Deepak M; Singh, VasdevIJCT Vol.28(4) [July 2021]402-411
Kinetics and Isotherms modeling of methylene blue adsorption by Black Carbon using the shells of apricot kernelsAmmar, Fadel; Rachid, Chebbi; Amel, Aidi; Naima, AzriIJCT Vol.28(4) [July 2021]412-420
Effect of 1,2,3- triazole derivative on the dissolution performance of mild steel in 1M HCl mediumVijayalakshmi, K; Punitha, N; Rengamy, R; Elangovan, JIJCT Vol.28(4) [July 2021]421-428
Silver nanoparticles treated activated carbon as effective sorbent for the removal of acid Red 1 dye from aqueous media: Kinetic and equilibrium studiesAlmeelbi, Talal; Ewais, Hassan AmrounIJCT Vol.28(4) [July 2021]429-436
Box-Behnken method for enhanced performance of solvent-based epoxy coatings reinforcement with diatomite/surfactant/zinc borateToprakçı, İrem; Acaralı, NilIJCT Vol.28(4) [July 2021]437-444
Efficiency of single and di- site phase transfer catalyzed polymerization of glycidyl methacrylate in the two-phase system: A kinetic studyMeena, M; Umapathy, M J; Yoganand, K SIJCT Vol.28(4) [July 2021]445-452
Preparation and characterization of rice husk derived cellulose and polyvinyl alcohol blended heat sealable packaging filmSharma, Deepa; Varshney, Mukul Kr; Prasad, Shubham; Bhawana; Shukla, S KIJCT Vol.28(4) [July 2021]453-459
Visible light driven photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutant: Cleaning the environment by novel ZrCdPbO4Lohar, Saroj; Vijay, Ankita; Kataria, Bindu; Kumawat, Adhidesh S; Bhardwaj, ShipraIJCT Vol.28(4) [July 2021]460-466
QSAR study in terms of conceptual density functional theory based descriptors in predicting toxicity of nitrobenzenes towards Tetrahymena pyriformisRajak, Sandip KumarIJCT Vol.28(4) [July 2021]467-472
Kinetics and thermodynamic behaviour evaluation of olive residue/recycled polyester pyrolysisAkyurek, Zuhal; Coskun, SemihIJCT Vol.28(4) [July 2021]473-478
Green synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles using ethanolic extract of Mimosa Pudica linn leavesSangu, V; Yamuna, T; Preethi, G Anu; Sineha, AIJCT Vol.28(4) [July 2021]479-484
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 12 of 12