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Nullor Based New Implementation of CDBA Using Current Feedback Operational AmplifierAggarwal, Bhawna; Bisht, Shubaangi; Gupta, Shreya; Goel, Vidushi; Gautam, ShwetaIJPAP Vol.59(03) [March 2021]163-167
Simulative Comprehensive Analysis of 2D Algebraically Constructed Codes for Optical CDMABharti, ManishaIJPAP Vol.59(03) [March 2021]168-173
Theoretical Analysis of Plasma Parameters on Film Deposition in planer and Cylindrical Magnetron SputteringGupta, Gaurav; Tyagi, R KIJPAP Vol.59(03) [March 2021]174-179
Transforming Imagined Thoughts into Speech Using a Covariance-Based Subset Selection MethodAgarwal, Prabhakar; Kumar, SandeepIJPAP Vol.59(03) [March 2021]180-183
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Magnesium-Aluminium (Mg-Al) Alloys with High Aluminium Content (Al =10, 15, 20 wt. %)Jayalakshmi, S; Singh, R Arvind; Mohan, Sanjay; Sankaranarayanan, S; Gomano, Vasco Machemba; Chen, Xizhang; Gupta, ManojIJPAP Vol.59(03) [March 2021]184-189
Investigation of Tensile properties of Bambusa Vulgaris Reinforced Unsaturated Polyester ResinMohd Shah, Mohd Kamal; Mohan, Sanjay; Othman, Irma; Yusuf, M Zakrymizam; Alexander, CIJPAP Vol.59(03) [March 2021]190-196
Potential of AA7075 as a Tribological Material for Industrial Applications -A ReviewUl Haq, Mir Irfan; Raina, Ankush; Mohan, Sanjay; Anand, Ankush; Bin Abdollah, Mohd FadzliIJPAP Vol.59(03) [March 2021]197-201
Simulation Based Design Analysis of Pressure Chamber for Metrological Applications up to 200 MPaRab, Shanay; Yadav, Sanjay; Haleem, Abid; Zafer, Afaqul; Sharma, Raman; Kumar, LalitIJPAP Vol.59(03) [March 2021]202-205
Solar-Grid Connected Single Phase Water Pumping System for Household ApplicationKumar, Nitish; Agarwal, AnshulIJPAP Vol.59(03) [March 2021]206-210
Trapezoidal Modulated Direct Matrix Converter: For Higher Frequency AC/AC ConversionKhan, Irfan Ahmad; Flah, Aymen; Agarwal, Anshul; Kumar, HarishIJPAP Vol.59(03) [March 2021]211-215
Characterization and Behavior Study of Nitinol Shape Memory Alloy Wire for Effective and Efficient Use in Soft Robotics as an ActuatorKoiri, Mithilesh Kumar; Sharma, Anuj KumarIJPAP Vol.59(03) [March 2021]216-222
Fault Diagnosis of Gearbox based on ITD-Tunable Q-Factor Wavelet TransformVerma, Jay Govind; Patel, Shivdayal; Kankar, P KIJPAP Vol.59(03) [March 2021]223-228
Bandwidth Enhancement Technique of a Dual-Band Circularly Polarized Dielectric Resonator AntennaGotra, Shailza; Pandey, V S; Singh, BrahmjitIJPAP Vol.59(03) [March 2021]229-232
Mathematical Modeling of Regular and Irregular Shallow Water Waves Using Boussinesq Equation with Improved DispersionKumar, Prashant; Vinita; RupaliIJPAP Vol.59(03) [March 2021]233-238
Analysis of Surface Water Extraction and Change Detection Over Barur Lake, IndiaAiswarya, J; Kamala, J; Vaithiyanathan, DIJPAP Vol.59(03) [March 2021]239-243
Parametric Influence of Process Parameters on the Wear Rate of 3D Printed Polylactic Acid SpecimensSingh, Manohar; Bharti, Pushpendra SIJPAP Vol.59(03) [March 2021]244-251
Machinability Characterization of Ecodesigned Hybrid Aluminium CompositesMoona, Girija; Rastogi, Vikas; Walia, Ravinderjit Singh; Sharma, RinaIJPAP Vol.59(03) [March 2021]252-257
Fabrication, Testing and Machining of Hybrid Basalt-Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic compositeJain, Akshay; Singh, Bhagat; Sharma, Kapil K; Shrivastava, YogeshIJPAP Vol.59(03) [March 2021]258-262
Performance Analysis of Different Solar Models Based on the Solar cell ParametersAli, Ikbal; Kumar, Sunil; Siddiqui, A ShahzadIJPAP Vol.59(03) [March 2021]263-270
Implementation of Monte Carlo Simulation in Evaluation of Uncertainty of Measurement of a Force TransducerChoudhary, Harshvardhan; Moona, Girija; Vaithiyanathan, D; Kumar, HarishIJPAP Vol.59(03) [March 2021]271-276
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20