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dc.contributor.authorPanigrahi, J-
dc.contributor.authorBehera, M-
dc.contributor.authorMaharana, S-
dc.contributor.authorMishra, R R-
dc.identifier.issn0975-1009 (Online); 0019-5189 (Print)-
dc.description.abstractHigh frequency plant regeneration in A. longifolia (L.) was achieved from leaf explant implanted on MS basal medium supplemented with NAA (0.5 mg/l) + BA (2.0 mg/l) through intervening callus phase. Well-developed shoots (>3cm) were successfully rooted on MS medium supplemented with NAA (0.1 mg/l). Protein and total soluble sugar contents were maximum during organogenesis and multiple shoot induction phase compared with non-organogenic callus and root induction phase. Esterase and catalase activities were maximum during organogenic differentiation, while activities were minimum at non-differentiated callus stages. Peroxidase activities were higher during rhizogenesis. Contradiction to peroxidase activity, acid phosphatase activities were high during organogenesis and declined during rhizogenesis. SDS-PAGE analysis of total soluble proteins revealed expression of non-organogenic callus (97.9 kDa), organogenic callus (77.2, 74.1, 21.9 kDa), multiple shoot induction phase (106.6, 26.9, 11.6 kDa) and root induction phase (15.9 kDa) specific polypeptides. Esterase zymogram revealed one band (Rm 0.204) appeared in both organogenic callus and multiple shoot induction phase. Peroxidase zymogram detected two stage specific bands, one band (Rm 0.42) was specific to root induction phase, while another (Rm 0.761) was specific to multiple shoot induction. Catalase and acid phosphatase zymogram resolved one band (Rm 0.752 and 0.435, respectively) in differentiated stages including both multiple shoot induction phase and root induction phase, but absent in undifferentiated phases.en_US
dc.sourceIJEB Vol.45(10) [October 2007]en_US
dc.subjectAsteracantha longifoliaen_US
dc.subjectEnzyme activityen_US
dc.subjectShoot buden_US
dc.titleBiomolecular changes during in vitro organogenesis of Asteracantha longifolia (L.) Nees — A medicinal herben_US
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