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Synthesis, quantification, dft Calculation and molecular docking of (4-amino-2-(4-methoxyphenyl)aminothiazol-5yl)(thiophene-2-yl)methanoneShahana, Fathima M; Yardily, AIJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020]606-612
Evaluation of Juglans regia L., root for wound healing via antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activityHuo, Junyi; Zhao, Zhuowei; Hua, Zhen; Fan, Jinghua; Du, Jing; Guo, BoIJBB Vol.57(3) [June 2020]304-311
Phenolic constituents, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of methanolic extracts of some female cones of gymnosperm plantSemerci, Alican Bahadır; İnceçayir, Dilek; Konca, Tuğba; Tunca, Hatice; Tunç, KenanIJBB Vol.57(3) [June 2020]298-303
Mineralization changes substituted type B carbonate of PO43− ion in the bone minerals of an archaeological sample studied using fourier self deconvolution techniqueVelraj, G; Karthikeyan, S; Chitra, AIJBB Vol.57(3) [June 2020]277-282
Structural insights on Sucrose transport by Oryza sativa L. Sucrose/H+ Symporter1 (OsSUT1) through refined sequence - template alignment based structural modellingSyamaladevi, Divya P; Biswal, BhagyashreeIJBB Vol.57(3) [June 2020]283-290
Degradation of crude oil using the indigenous isolate Bacillus sp SEA18Swetha, Sunkar; Elakiya, Vani P; Ammonica, Barret K; Valli, Nachiyar C; Prakash, PIJBB Vol.57(3) [June 2020]317-326
Fluorescence quenching and measurement of captopril in pharmaceuticalsChen, Yahong; Chang, Weixiao; Zhu, Xue; Wang, Ruiyong; Tian, FengshouIJBB Vol.57(3) [June 2020]270-276
Development of molybdenum disulphide reinforced alginic acid compositesSreekumar, Kalyani; Bindhu, BIJBB Vol.57(3) [June 2020]312-316
COVID-19 research in India: A quantitative analysisPathak, ManoharIJBB Vol.57(3) [June 2020]351-355
Sex and age-related changes in L-arginine metabolism in peripheral blood leukocytes in young caucasians with type 1 diabetes mellitusMelkonyan, AM; Guevorkyan, AG; Alchujyan, N Kh; Hovhannisyan, MR; Movsesyan, NH; Hayrapetyan, HL; Kevorkian, GA; Aghajanova, YMIJBB Vol.57(3) [June 2020]339-350