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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 14 of 14
High expression of nucleophosmin is closely related to the grade and invasion of colorectal cancerYang, Zhaowei; Qiao, Lu; Chao, Yang; Liu, Juan; Di, Yanqing; Sun, Jing; Zhang, Jiebing; Huang, Lihong; Guo, Honghua; He, ChengyanIJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019]420-426
Serum glutamine synthetase activity as biomarker for tuberculosis diagnosis and monitoring anti-tubercular drug therapy successChattopadhyay, Dipak KumarIJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019]427-432
Cloning and sequencing of α-2u globulin of rat preputial gland to assess its longevity in the context of developing an effective rodent trapSilambarasan, V; Gayathiri, S; Deepalakshmi, G; Banu, M Shahitha; Nithya, V; Archunan, GIJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019]433-438
Correlation of uric acid levels and purine metabolism enzyme activities in plasma and liver tissues of diabetic ratsGowda, Yogaraje CV; Senthilkumar, S; Kashinath, RTIJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019]439-444
Ultraviolet-C haematogenous oxidation therapy of lipopolysaccharide-induced endotoxemia in a rabbit model: A biochemical studyAdam, Gareeballah Osman; Kim, Gi-Beum; Lee, Sei-Jin; Lee, Heeryung; Kim, Shang-Jin; Kim, Jin-Shang; Kang, Hyung-SubIJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019]445-454
Effect of Arthrospira platensis against sodium fluoride-induced haematological alterationsYadav, Pulala Raghuveer; Raghavendra, Mitta; Rao, Tokala NageswarIJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019]455-459
Impact of electroplating industry effluent on the electrophoretic protein pattern of serum in the freshwater fish Cyprinus carpioBorgia, VJ Florence; Thatheyus, AJ; Murugesan, AGIJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019]460-465
Proteomic changes in response to lipin1 overexpression in 293T human renal epithelial cellsWang, Jian; Xiaoguang, Lv; Sun, Jing; Peng, Min; Shi, PingIJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019]466-474
Encapsulation of fungal extracellular enzyme cocktail in cellulose nanoparticles: enhancement in enzyme stabilityYuen, Tan Wan; Gopinath, Subash CB; Anbu, Periasamy; Kasim, Farizul Hafiz; Yaakub, Ahmad Radi Wan; Lakshmipriya, Thangavel; Lee, Choul-GyunIJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019]475-483
Changes of phenolic compounds in LebZIP2-overexpressing transgenic plantsSeong, Eun Soo; Lee, Jae Geun; Chung, Ill-Min; Yu, Chang YeonIJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019]484-491
In silico characterization of structural and functional impact of the deleterious SNPs on FSHR geneJanani, Dakshina Moorthy; Poornima, Gopalakrishnan; Usha, BalasundaramIJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019]492-499
Pharmacological studies of zinc oxide nanoparticlesDeekala, Veronica; Babu, Bonige Kishore; Rudraraju, RameshrajuIJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019]500-505
Cannabis as homeopathic medicine in extreme dilutions: Thermal analysis for their differentiation and action on a proteinMondal, Priya; Sukul, Nirmal Chandra; Konar, Atheni; Sarkar, Tandra; Sohel, Md Amir; Sengupta, Asmita; Chakraborty, Indrani; Sukul, AnirbanIJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019]506-513
Genome cloning and genetic diversity of Apple chlorotic leaf spot virusChen, Wei; Jing, Xiaoya; Sun, Liuqing; Cai, Hua Cheng; Wang, YilingIJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019]514-519
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 14 of 14