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Special issue: Nuclear, Particle and Accelerator Physics


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Incomplete momentum transfer in 16O + 148Nd system [at energy ≈ 5.8 MeV/nucleon]Giri, Pankaj K; Mahato, Amritraj; Singh, D; Linda, Sneha B; Kumar, Harish; Tali, Suhail A; Ali, R; Sathik, N P M; Ansari, M Afzal; Kumar, R; Muralithar, S; Singh, R PIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]619-623
Heavy-ion fusion described by above barrier resonancesSingh, Smitashree; Agarwalla, S KIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]624-626
Evaluation of neutron capture cross sections on 60FeSatheesh, B; Lalremruata, B; Sankaracharyulu, M G VIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]627-629
Structural analysis of Z=125 nucleiRahaman, Usuf; Ikram, MIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]630-633
Study of band structures of 78Kr using triaxial projected shell modelBehera, N; Bhat, G H; Naik, Z; Palit, R; Sun, Y; Sheikh, J AIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]634-637
Effect of clusterization algorithm with isospin-dependent nuclear charge radii parameterization on azimuthal angle dependence of elliptical flowSangeeta; Kaur, VarinderjitIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]638-642
Half-lives of proton emitters I, Cs, La, Eu and Ha nuclei using E-RMF densitiesSahoo, T; Panda, R N; Das, Piyush R; Patra, S KIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]643-645
A new approach to calculate mean charged multiplicity for hadron - hadron interactions upto 8 TeVSaxena, Rishi Kant; Singh, K Y; Kumar, Anil; Gupta, Jai PrakashIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]646-648
Lepton flavor non-universality in TAU sectorMaji, P; Sahoo, SIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]649-651
Study of semileptonic decay B→ρl+l- in non-universal Z' modelNayek, P; Sahoo, SIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]652-654
Empirical formulae with angular momentum dependence for exotic one and two proton emissionsSreeja, I; Balasubramaniam, MIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]655-659
Evidence of different fractal behavior in EPOS3 simulated p-p events at √s = 0.9 TeV and 7 TeV: a study using visibility graph techniqueMondal, Arindam; Mondal, Mitali; Akhter, Javed; Deb, ArghaIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]660-663
Equation of state of a PNJL model with chemically equilibrium QGPDahiya, Anju; Singh, S SomorendroIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]664-667
Study of B -> ππ puzzle in the standard modelBiswas, S; Sahoo, SIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]668-670
Quantitative elemental analysis of Cyperus rotundus medicinal plant by PIXE and ICP-MS techniquesRao, J Chandrasekhar; Naidu, B G; Sarita, P; Raju, G J NagaIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]671-674
Fabrication and characterization of enriched 154,144Sm and 142,148Nd targets on Al-backing for nuclear physics experiments at IUAC, New Delhi, IndiaGiri, Pankaj K; Mahato, Amritraj; Singh, D; Linda, Sneha B; Abhilash, S R; Deb, Nabendu K; Umapathy, G R; Ojha, S; Kabiraj, D; Chopra, SIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]675-678
Nuclear structure and reaction studies with gamma detector arrays at IUACSingh, R PIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]679-683
Study of clustering, pairing and resonances in direct nuclear reactionsJain, Arun K; Joshi, B NIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]684-689
Nuclear reaction studies using the cyclotron at VECC: A ReviewBhattacharya, S; Bhattacharya, CIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]690-695
Pre-equilibrium particle emission in alpha induced reactionsSingh, D; Maurya, Aditya; Giri, Pankaj K; Mahato, Amritraj; Linda, Sneha B; Shrotriya, Pramod K; Ansari, M AfzalIJPAP Vol.57(09) [September 2019]696-699
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20