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Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Alkaline Methanol on Some Noble Metal Coated ElectrodesGuha, Prabir K; Bhattacharya, Abhijit; Kundu, Kiron KIJC-A Vol.28A(04) [April 1989]267-275
Solubility and the thermodynamics of transfer of benzoic acid in mixed solventsPal, A; Lahiri, S CIJC-A Vol.28A(04) [April 1989]276-279
Redox chemistry of hyponitrite: Part III-oxidation by hexacyanoferrate(III) in aqueous alkaline solutionGoyal, M R; Bhatnagar, Pankaj; Mittal, R K; Gupta, Y KIJC-A Vol.28A(04) [April 1989]280-283
Kinetics of cemplexation of nickel (II) with -ɑ-aminoisocaproic acid, -ɑ-amino-γ-methylthio-n-butyric acid & histidine methyl esterMalhotra, H C; Sharma, Gian ChandIJC-A Vol.28A(04) [April 1989]284-287
Kinetics & Mechanism of Acid Bromate Oxidation of Aliphatic, Aralkyl & Alicyclic KetonesMurthy, N Krishna; Reddy, Ch Sanjeeva; Sundaram, E VIJC-A Vol.28A(04) [April 1989]288-291
Lagrange interpolation method for the calculation of stability constants of complex equilibria in solution phaseRao, S V V Satyanarayana; Babu, A Ravindra; Rao, G Nageswara; Satyanarayana, A; Rao, R SambasivaIJC-A Vol.28A(04) [April 1989]292-297
Behaviour of some selenium (IV) and (VI) compounds in 100% sulfuric acidGillespie, R J; Kapoor, RIJC-A Vol.28A(04) [April 1989]298-301
Some bimetallic alkoxides and phenoxides of antimony(V) [MSb(OR)6]Athar, T; Bohra, R; Mehrotra, R CIJC-A Vol.28A(04) [April 1989]302-304
X-Ray K-Absorption Spectral Investigations of Some Cobalt(II) Complexes with Triphenylphosphine & Triphenylphosphine OxideAwasthi, P K; Srivastava, B D; Srivastava, Krishna; Prasad, JIJC-A Vol.28A(04) [April 1989]305-308
Synthesis & characterisation of copper(II), nickel(II), cobalt(II) & dioxouranium(VI) complexes of a new series of tetradentate binucleating schiff base ligandsRamachandraiah, A; Rao, P Nageswara; Ramaiah, MIJC-A Vol.28A(04) [April 1989]309-313
Prototropic equilibria of electronically excited molecules: ninhydrinKrishnamurthy, Mannam; Dogra, Sneh KIJC-A Vol.28A(04) [April 1989]314-316
Enthalpies of mixing of polyoxypropylene glycols with benzene, ethanol and pyridine at 300.05KParashar, R; Singh, H G; Sharma, S CIJC-A Vol.28A(04) [April 1989]317-320
Kinetics of iodination of aniline & anthranilic acid by iodine in aqueous mediumDangat, V T; Bonde, S L; Gayakhe, A S; Ghorpade, B SIJC-A Vol.28A(04) [April 1989]321-322
Kinetics and mechanism of Ru(Ill) catalysed oxidation of substituted cinnamic acids by cerium(IV )Panda, HP; Sahu, B DIJC-A Vol.28A(04) [April 1989]323-324
Ternary copper(II) complexes containing imidazole as a primary ligand & amino acids as secondary ligandsPrasad, K; Venkataiah, P; Mohan, M SrinivasIJC-A Vol.28A(04) [April 1989]325-327
Some Transition Metal Complexes of 1,2-Bis(di-p-tolylphosphino)ethaneMercykutty, PC; Singh, Beer; Kapoor, Pramesh NIJC-A Vol.28A(04) [April 1989]328-330
Ruthenium{II} & rhodiurrul) complexes of 2-hydroxypyridinestGopinathan, (Mrs) Sarada; Unni, I R; Gopinathan, CIJC-A Vol.28A(04) [April 1989]331-332
Ligand exchange equilibria of metal complexes-I: Ligand exchange of metal dithizonates with ɑ-benzoin oxime in chloroformBhaskare, C K; Kawatkar, (Miss) S GIJC-A Vol.28A(04) [April 1989]333-334
Mixed ligand complexes of copper(II), nickel(II), cobalt(II) & zinc(II) with iminodiacetic acid as a primary ligand & imidazole as a secondary ligandSinha, PC; Saxena, Vimal K; Nigam, N B; Srivastava, M NIJC-A Vol.28A(04) [April 1989]335-336
Formation constants of ternary complexes of some divalent metal ionsReddy, Gopal; Satyanarayana, S; Reddy, K VeeraIJC-A Vol.28A(04) [April 1989]337-339
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 25