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Special Issue on Emerging Trends in Biotechnology for Waste Conversion (ETBWC-2017) (Guest Editors: Sunil Kumar, Sunita Varjani & Ashok Pandey) [Pages 439-530]

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Culture based approaches, dependent and independent, for microbial community fractions in petroleum oil reservoirsVarjani, Sunita; Srivastava, Vijay Kumar; Sindhu, Raveendran; Thakur, Indu Shekhar; Gnansounou, EdgardIJEB Vol.56(07) [July 2018]444-450
Reduction of methane emission from landfill using biocover as a biomitigation system: A reviewChavan, Digambar; Kumar, SunilIJEB Vol.56(07) [July 2018]451-459
Combination of UV-Fenton oxidation process with biological technique for treatment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons using Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes NRSS3 isolated from petroleum contaminated siteSonwani, Ravi Kumar; Giri, Balendu Shekhar; Geed, Sachin Rameshrao; Sharma, Anjney; Singh, Ram Sharan; Rai, Birendra NathIJEB Vol.56(07) [July 2018]460-469
Value added product recovery and carbon dioxide sequestration from biogas using microbial electrosynthesisDas, Sovik; Ghangrekar, MMIJEB Vol.56(07) [July 2018]470-478
Enzymatic hydrolysis of microwave assisted acid pretreated chili postharvest residue for production of value added productsSindhu, Raveendran; Binod, Parameswaran; Gnansounou, Edgard; Prabisha, Thunoli Payyanvalappil; Thomas, Leya; Mathew, Anil Kuruvilla; Abraham, Amith; Pandey, Ashok; Faraco, VincenzaIJEB Vol.56(07) [July 2018]479-483
New cell surface bound lectins with complex carbohydrate specificity from members of green algaeSingh, Ram S; Walia, Amandeep K; Kaur, Jaspreet; Singh, Davinder P; Rajput, AlkaIJEB Vol.56(07) [July 2018]484-492
Whole cell based biocatalytic production of 2,5-furan dicarboxylic acidRajesh, RO; Godan, Tharangattumana Krishnan; Pandey, Ashok; Binod, ParameswaranIJEB Vol.56(07) [July 2018]493-497
Synthesis, characterization and application of zinc oxide nanocomposite for dye removal from textile industrial wastewaterNakkeeran, Ekambaram; Varjani, Sunita J; Dixit, Vindhya; Kalaiselvi, AsaithambiIJEB Vol.56(07) [July 2018]498-503
Microbial production of L-asparaginase and its immobilization on chitosan for mitigation of acrylamide in heat processed carrot slicesAiswarya, R; Baskar, GIJEB Vol.56(07) [July 2018]504-510
Perspective of cyanobacterial harmful algal bloom (HAB) mitigation: Microcystis toxin degradation by bacterial consortiaPal, Mili; Pal, Smita; Qureshi, Asifa; Sangolkar, LNIJEB Vol.56(07) [July 2018]511-518
In vitro root induction — an improved system for production and elicitation of colchicine from Gloriosa superba L.Swapna, TS; Nikhila, GSIJEB Vol.56(07) [July 2018]519-525
Physicochemical analysis and isolation of microbes from groundwater nearby landfill site: A case studyKhapre, Abhishek; Lakshmikanthan, C; Kumar, SunilIJEB Vol.56(07) [July 2018]526-530
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 12 of 12