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Optimal path planning of unmanned surface vehiclesSingh, Yogang; Sharma, Sanjay; Hatton, Daniel; Sutton, RobertIJMS Vol.47(07) [July 2018]1325-1334
Ship breaking industry of Pakistan and its environmental effect on marine life and humansQayum, Sara; Zhu, WeidongIJMS Vol.47(07) [July 2018]1335-1344
Mapping and analyses of two coralline banks in the western continental margin of India using multibeam echosounder dataMenezes, Andrew; Mahender, Kotha; Chakraborty, Bishwajit; Fernandes, William A.; Vardhan, Y. Vishnu; Kurian, JohnIJMS Vol.47(07) [July 2018]1345-1352
The diel vertical migration of zooplankton in the hypoxia area observed by video plankton recorderPan, Jun; Cheng, Fangping; Yu, FeiIJMS Vol.47(07) [July 2018]1353-1363
Standardization of protocol for preparation of liquid extracts from seaweeds, quantification of their phytohormones and application for crop improvementMohanty, Debabrata; Adhikary, Siba PrasadIJMS Vol.47(07) [July 2018]1364-1372
Design and application of cone penetration test equipment in shoal waterZhu, Chaoqi; Shan, Hongxian; Ji, Fudong; Liu, Xiaolei; Xing, Congcong; Jia, YonggangIJMS Vol.47(07) [July 2018]1373-1375
The evolution of Balari Bar in the Hugli Estuary, West Bengal, India, and its impact on navigationSen, Aparajita; Bandyopadhyay, SunandoIJMS Vol.47(07) [July 2018]1376-1382
Chlorophyll blooms induced by tropical cyclone Vardah in the Bay of BengalYe, HaiJun; Kalhoro, Muhsan Ali; Sun, Jing; Tang, DanlingIJMS Vol.47(07) [July 2018]1383-1390
Natural diet of the alligator pipefish, Syngnathoides biaculeatus (Bloch, 1785) inhabiting Palk Bay, southeast coast of IndiaSanaye, S. V.; Rivonker, C. U.; Sreepada, R. A.; Ansari, Z. A.IJMS Vol.47(07) [July 2018]1391-1397
Paleo-weathering zone of Cretaceous red mudstone underlying Quaternary loess deposit: a case study on a typical profileKe, Yutian; Liang, Shouyun; Zhou, Jianji; Jia, XuemeiIJMS Vol.47(07) [July 2018]1398-1408
First record of escolar, Lepidocybium flavobrunneum (Smith, 1843) from the Indian EEZ of Andaman SeaNashad, M; Shirke, Swapnil S.; Pradeep, H.D.; Devi, Monalisa S.IJMS Vol.47(07) [July 2018]1409-1412
Bioeconomic analysis and management aspects of metapenaeus shrimp fisheries in PakistanMehak, Ana; Mu, Yong Tong; Mohsin, Muhammad; Noman, Muhammad; Memon, Aamir MahmoodIJMS Vol.47(07) [July 2018]1413-1419
Assessment of pollutant level and forecasting water pollution of Chennai Coastal, Tamilnadu using RPadmanaban, Rajchandar; Karuppasamy, S; Narayanan, RubiniIJMS Vol.47(07) [July 2018]1420-1429
Experimental study on the failure process of the homogeneous bank slopes of reservoir during the water level’s fluctuationZheng, Jian; Yang, Xiu-juan; Fan, Heng-hui; Yan, Lin; Ba, Ya-dong; Liu, Re-meiIJMS Vol.47(07) [July 2018]1430-1434
Isolation and quantification of carotenoids in lobster species off Visakhapatnam coast, Andhra PradeshVijayalakshmi, A.; Chakravarty, Myla S.; Avuthu, Muralidhar Reddy; Rao, Tentu NageswaraIJMS Vol.47(07) [July 2018]1435-1440
Preliminary screening of the antibacterial effect of the pigmented squid ink extracts against methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)Smiline, Girija AS; Vijayashree, Priyadharsini JIJMS Vol.47(07) [July 2018]1441-1445
Life-history traits of Pool barb Puntius sophore (Cyprinidae) in different ecosystems of BangladeshHossain, Md. Yeamin; Pramanik, Md. Nasir Uddin; Hossen, Md. Alomgir; Nawer, Fairuz; Khatun, Dalia; Parvin, Most. Farida; Rahman, Obaidur; Ahmed, Zoarder Faruque; Ahamed, FerdousIJMS Vol.47(07) [July 2018]1446-1454
Differential coiling in Rotalidium annectens — foraminiferal testimony for Palaeostorms/Palaeotsunami: A case study from off Kachchh, Gujarat, IndiaChaturvedi, Subodh KumarIJMS Vol.47(07) [July 2018]1455-1459
Calculations and solutions for heavy metals pollution load from Umum and Qalaa drains to Lake Mariut, EgyptHassaan, Mohamed A.; El-Rayis, Osman A.IJMS Vol.47(07) [July 2018]1460-1467
Efficient decolorization of textile dyes by alkaline protease producing bacterial consortiaRathod, Mukundraj G.; Pathak, Anupama P.IJMS Vol.47(07) [July 2018]1468-1477
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 25