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John Isotherm for the characterisation of microporous carbons: A comparative evaluation of adsorption phenomenaAchari, V Sivanandan; Thomas, Mercy; Jayasree, S; Rajalakshmi, A S; Lopez, Raichel Mary; Ravindran, BindiaIJCT Vol.25(2) [March 2018]123-139
Porous activated carbon material derived from sustainable bio-resource of peanut shell for H2 and CO2 storage applicationsAriharan, Arjunan; Viswanathan, BalasubramanianIJCT Vol.25(2) [March 2018]140-149
Phase transfer catalysis: Effect of cationic surfactants on the free radical polymerization of methylmethacrylateMurugan, E; Geethalakshmi, DIJCT Vol.25(2) [March 2018]150-157
Studies on fly ash based geopolymeric coating material compositions incorporated with TiO2 and Fe2O3 nanoparticles for mild steelTomar, Akshay Singh; Deshmukh, Kumud; Gupta, Rainy; Bhardwaj, Pooja; Singh, Archana; Verma, Sarika; Khan, Mohd. Akram; Mishra, Deepti; Amritphale, S SIJCT Vol.25(5) [September 2018]468-474
Multiwall carbon nanotube based electrochemical sensor for nitrendipine, an antihypertensive drugSikkander, A Mohamed; Manisankar, P; Vedhi, CIJCT Vol.25(5) [September 2018]489-492
Cold active lipase from Pseudomonas sp. VITCLP4 as degreasing agent in leather processingKavitha, M; Shanthi, C; Chandrababu, N KIJCT Vol.25(5) [September 2018]482-488
Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Coccinia grandis fruit extract and its application toward the reduction of toxic nitro compoundsDevi, Th. Babita; Ahmaruzzaman, MIJCT Vol.25(5) [September 2018]475-481
Electrochemical behaviour of ternary Ni-Zn-P thin films deposition on steel substratePopescu, Ana-Maria; Soare, Vasile; Burada, Marian; Mitrică, Dumitru; Constantin, Ionuţ; Bădiliţă, Viorel; Minculescu, Florin; Cotruţ, Cosmin; Neacsu, Elena Ionela; Donath, Cristina; Constantin, VirgilIJCT Vol.25(6) [November 2018]572-577
Removal of reactive dye using novel low cost activated carbon obtained from Prunus × yedoensis leaf by chemical activationManikandan, Velu; Velmurugan, Palanivel; Lovanh, Nanh; Jayanthi, Palaniyappan; Park, Yool-Jin; Cho, Min; Oh, Byung-TaekIJCT Vol.25(6) [November 2018]583-587
Development of a nano alumina-zirconia composite catalyst as an active thin film in biodiesel productionHeydarzadeh, J Kolaee; Marzban, N; Najafpour, G D; Pourmohammadbagher, M; Valizadeh, SIJCT Vol.25(6) [November 2018]578-582