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Impact of climate change on marine plankton with special reference to Indian SeasSahu, Biraja Kumar; Pati, Premalata; Panigrahy, R. C.IJMS Vol.47(02) [February 2018]259-268
Development pattern and reservoir-formation mechanism of reef-bank complex in Late Ordovician Lianglitage Formation, Tazhong area, Tarim Basin, ChinaZheng, Jian; Wang, Zhenyu; Zhong, Zhiqi; Zhai, Na; Liu, YangIJMS Vol.47(02) [February 2018]269-280
Distribution, ecology and paleoenvironments of Benthic foraminifera - A case study off Manora, Palk Strait, Tamil NaduGandhi, M.Suresh; Rao, N.Rajeswara; Kasilingam, K.; Raja, M.IJMS Vol.47(02) [February 2018]281-290
The influence of reservoir filling on a preexisting bank landslide stabilitySong, Danqing; Liang, Shouyun; Wang, ZhiqiangIJMS Vol.47(02) [February 2018]291-300
Bed sediment characteristics and transport processes along the inlet channel of Chilika Lagoon (INDIA)Sahoo, R. K.; Mohanty, P. K.; Pradhan, S.; Pradhan, U.K.; Samal, R. N.IJMS Vol.47(02) [February 2018]301-307
Coastal water characteristics along Tamil Nadu, east coast of India during pre-northeast monsoon periodKumar, S. Barath; Mohanty, A.K.; Padhi, R.K.; Selvanayagam, M.; Satpathy, K.K.IJMS Vol.47(02) [February 2018]308-318
Total Factor Productivity of Tuna Fisheries in LakshadweepVinay, A.; Ramasubramanian, V.; Krishnan, M.; Ananthan, P.S.IJMS Vol.47(02) [February 2018]319-324
Ecological effects of the caged-fish and kelp cultures in semi-enclosed bay: evidence from diatom assemblages and environmental variablesLiu, Shao; Xiao-li, Xing; Jin, Zhou; Ang-lu, ShenIJMS Vol.47(02) [February 2018]325-335
Experimental cultivation of Gelidium pusillum in open sea along the south east Indian coastVeeragurunathan, V.; Vadodariya, Nilesh; Chaudhary, Jai Prakash; gogda, Azaz; Saminathan, K. R.; Meena, RamavatarIJMS Vol.47(02) [February 2018]336-345
Simulating summer circulation and water exchange in the Beibu GulfHe, Chengqi; Lou, Angang; Fang, Xueyuan; Liu, YafeiIJMS Vol.47(02) [February 2018]346-354
Length-weight relationship of five native fish species from Chashma Barrage at the Indus River, PakistanMohsin, Muhammad; Mu, Yong Tong; Noman, Muhammad; Memon, Aamir Mahood; Mehak, AnaIJMS Vol.47(02) [February 2018]355-356
Meiofaunal distribution and abundance from the intertidal seagrass patches of Chidiyatapu, Port BlairNaufal, P.J.; Padmavati, G.IJMS Vol.47(02) [February 2018]357-364
Soft computing and statistical technique - Application to eutrophication potential modelling of Mumbai coastal areaBharti, V. S.; Inamdar, A. B.; Purushothaman, C. S.; Yadav, V.K.IJMS Vol.47(02) [February 2018]365-377
On the effect of hydrogen sulphide on primary productivity from retting area in Vembanad Lake, IndiaKumar, Sunil P.IJMS Vol.47(02) [February 2018]378-380
Taxonomic differentiation of goatfishes (Family-Mullidae) based on morphological traits and hard partsRamteke, Karankumar K.; Landge, Asha T.; Jaiswar, A. K.; Chakraborty, S. K.; Deshmukhe, G.; Renjith, R. KIJMS Vol.47(02) [February 2018]381-389
Occurrence and characteristics of the brown-spotted spine foot, Siganus stellatus (Forsskål, 1775) from Gulf of Mannar, Southeast coast of India.Ramkumar, B.; Murugan, A.IJMS Vol.47(02) [February 2018]390-394
Comparative Osteology based on premaxillary bone of Sciaenid fishes found in Indian watersKumari, Suman; Jaiswar, A. K.; Abidi, Z. J.; Chakraborty, S. K.; Kumar, Tarkeswar; Kamei, GaihiamngamIJMS Vol.47(02) [February 2018]395-401
Food value of Pyropia vietnamensis (Bangiales, Rhodophyta) from IndiaKavale, Monica Gajanan; Kazi, Mudassar Anisoddin; Bagal, Prajakta Umesh; Singh, V.V.; Behera, Durga PrasadIJMS Vol.47(02) [February 2018]402-408
Morphological observations on the endemic Velvet leatherjacket, Lalmohania velutina Hutchins, 1994 (Family: Monacanthidae) and updated distributional records after three decades from its discovery in Gulf of Mannar, Tamil Nadu Coast, IndiaMurugan, A.; Ramkumar, B.; Jayasingh, M.; Ramakritinan, C. M.IJMS Vol.47(02) [February 2018]409-414
Criteria selection for sensitivity evaluation framework in coastal areas; Bushehr Province, IranNasab, Farnaz Najafi; Karbassi, Abdol Reza; Ghoddousi, JamalIJMS Vol.47(02) [February 2018]415-425
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 31