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Synthesis of benzoxazinoid acetal glucosides naturally occurring in Gramineae Sicker, Dieter; Hartenstein, Holger; Kluge, MichaelIJC-A Vol.36A(06) [June 1997]461-475
Synthesis and properties of photochromic furofuransLaatsch, Hartmut; Schmidt, Andreas Johann; Kral, Andreas; Heine, Niklas; Haucke, GunterIJC-A Vol.36A(06) [June 1997]476-484
Catalytic synthesis of 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane from 1,1,1,2-tetrachloroethane - A mechanistic considerationKemnitz, E; Niedersen, K-U; Kohne, AIJC-A Vol.36A(06) [June 1997]485-493
Biomimetic radical polycyclizations of isoprenoid polyalkenes initiated by photoinduced electron transferHeinemann, Christoph; Warzecha, Klaus-D; Xing, Xuechao; Demuth, MartinIJC-A Vol.36A(06) [June 1997]494-497
Combinatorial synthesis of the peptidomimetic inhibitors of HIV 1 proteaseIqbal, Javed; Mukhopadhyay, Manoj; Das, Bhaskar C; Rajesh, S; De, Asit; Sanghi, Rashmi; Jain, Swati; Nandy, Jyoti PIJC-A Vol.36A(06) [June 1997]498-506
Combinatorial approach towards synthesis of 2',3'-dideoxynucleosides and enzyme-catalysed selective hydrolysis of diethyl acetamidomalonate and amides of polyacetoxy aromatic carboxylic acidKumar, Ajay; Singh, Amarjit; Kumar, Rajesh; Prasad, Ashok K; Parmar, Virinder S; Tararov, Vitali I; Belokon, Yuri N; Singh, Sanjay K; Wengel, JesperIJC-A Vol.36A(06) [June 1997]507-512
Molecular recognition: Connection and disconnection of hydrogen bonds - Design and synthesis of artificial receptors for some biochemically important substratesGoswami, S P; Ghosh, K; Mahapatra, A KIJC-A Vol.36A(06) [June 1997]513-515
Asymmetric induction in Michael addition reactions mediated by C2-symmetric aluminateManickam, G; Sundararajan, GIJC-A Vol.36A(06) [June 1997]516-518
Stabilization of DNA structures through nucleobase modifications and bisguanidium polyaminesGanesh, Krishna N; Kumar, Vaijayanti A; Barawkar, Dinesh A; Rajeev, Kallanthottathil G; Prakash, Tazha P; Pallan, Pradeep S; Rana, Vipul SIJC-A Vol.36A(06) [June 1997]519-524
Self-assembly into liquid crystalline complex through intermolecular hydrogen bondingRaju, Satya V N; Mule, S A; Rajan, C R; Ponrathnam, SIJC-A Vol.36A(06) [June 1997]525-527
Organic transformations involving metal-metal salt combination: Dehalogenation of vic-dibromides with Al-NiCl2. 6H2O-THF systemSarmah, Parijat; Sarma, Bhabani K.; Barua, Nabin C.IJC-A Vol.36A(06) [June 1997]528-529
Biotransformations by plant cell culturesChadha, A; Manohar, M; Soundararajan, T; Lokeswari, T SIJC-A Vol.36A(06) [June 1997]530-532
Behaviour of α-carbethoxy radical generated from the ester of N-hydroxy-2-thiopyridoneBorah, Ruli; Sarma, Jadab CIJC-A Vol.36A(06) [June 1997]533-535
A convenient synthesis of 1,2-diphenyl-9H-[1]benzopyrano [3,2-b] pyrrol-9-ones utilizing hypervalent iodine reagentDe, Surya K; MaIIik, Asok KIJC-A Vol.36A(06) [June 1997]536-537
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 14 of 14