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Title: Pair distribution function for interacting bosons and the ground-state energy of solid helium-4
Authors: Khanna, K M
Ayodo, Y K
Sakwa, T W
Rotich, S K
Torongey, P K
Mbugua, W S
Keywords: Bosons;Solid helium-4;Ground-state energy
Issue Date: May-2009
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: The pair distribution function g(r) for a system of bosons interacting through a two-body potential composed of a hard core followed by a square well has been obtained using the reaction matrix formalism for the energy excitation spectrum Ek and the fundamental definition relating the structure factor S(k) and g(r) . This has been used in obtaining the ground state energy of solid 4He using the kinetic energy and potential energy expressions of Hansen and Levesque. The most stable ground state of solid 4He corresponds to a potential width of b=3.8Ǻ ,but the corresponding <E>/N for the density, ρ, of solid 4He is very large compared with the experimental value. However, for b =4.81Ǻ and ρ=2.8×1022 particles/ cm3, <E>/N =-11.24 K= -93.4Joule/mol. and for b=4.82Ǻ and ρ=2.5×1022 particles/cm3, <E>/N = -6.84 K=56.8 Joule/mol. The experimental value for the ground state energy of solid 4He =-59.5J/mol.
Page(s): 325-331
ISSN: 0019-5596
Appears in Collections:IJPAP Vol.47(05) [May 2009]

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