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Aldimine→amide conversion via oxygen atom transfer from water mediated by rhenium oxidation states: Reaction model and synthetic utilization for making ReVINAr speciesDirghangi, Bimal Kumar; Banerjee, Sangeeta; Menon, Mahua; Chakravorty, AnimeshIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]249-251
Reactions of ROH (R=H, CH3) with HNCO: A theoretical studyKaushik, R; Ray, N KIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]252-254
Role of reagent vibration in H2/Cu dynamicsThareja, Sukarma; Balasubramanian, VIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]255-259
Electron transfer between aquapentaamminecobalt(lll) and sulphur(IV) in aquo-organic solvent media: Delineation of solvent effectsDash, Anadi C; Patnaik, Ajay K; Bramha, Gouri SIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]260-267
Reactions of sulphur(IV) with (tetraethylenepentamine)iron(III)Dash, Anadi C; Patnaik, Ajay K; Das, NigamanandaIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]268-275
Comparison of electrochemical and enzymic oxidation of 7,9-dimethyluric acidGoyal, Rajendra N; Singhal, NaveenIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]276-282
Differential pulse voltammetric investigations of uric acid in aqueous and micelle systemsGoyal, Rajendra N; Ahmad, Shakeel; Rastogi, (Ms) ArshiIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]283-289
Investigations on the effect of methyl group in poly(o-toluidine) by electrochemical and spectroscopic techniquesKumar, D; Dhawan, S K; Ram, M K; Sharma, R C; Malhotra, B D; Chandra, SIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]290-294
Electrochemical formation and characterisation of polyanilineSingh, K.; Mishra, UshaIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]295-299
Surface acidity/basicity and catalytic activity of mixed oxides of Zr, La and AlSugunan, S; Paul, AntoIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]300-302
Ascorbic acid oxidation by a new zeolite encapsulated copper(II) complexYusuff, K K Mohammed; Mathew, JoseIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]303-306
Fluorescence studies on luminol in water-organic solvent mixturesGuha, D; Das, R; Mitra, S; Mukherjee, SIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]307-312
Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of the complex Bu2Sn[Fe( η5-C5H5)( CO )2]2 and


Alam, Fakir R; Debnath, Chhanda; Kundu, Kalipada; Safiullah, SyedIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]313-314
Synthesis and characterization of some neutral amphipathic cobaloxime complexesArumugam, M N; Arunachalam, SIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]315-316
Synthesis and spectral characterization of copper(II), nickel(II), cobalt(II), oxovanadium(IV) and ruthenium(II) complexes of some conjugated 2-hydroxyacetophenonesAthappan, P R; Rajagopal, GIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]317-320
Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of organotin and organosilicon complexes of substituted hydrazonesMalhotra, Rajesh; Kumar, Sudhir; Dhindsa, Kuldip SinghIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]321-323
Studies of mercury(II), mercury(I), zinc(II) and cadmium(II) complexes with pyrazolesDas, Mrinal Kanti; Ghosh, ShyamaliIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]324-327
Kinetics of oxidation of some substituted piperidin-4-ols and oxan-4-ols by chloramine-TSelvaraj, K; Venkateswaran, V; Ramarajan, KIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]328-331
Kinetics of benzyl alcohol reaction on heteropoly molybdate and saltsAthilakshmi; Olaofe, O; Viswanathan, BIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]332-334
Catalytic properties of xanthine oxidase immobilized on carbon materialsHorozova, E; Dimcheva, N; Jordanova, Z; Kirova, LIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]335-338
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 26