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Structure and early development of an Opisthobranch mollusc, Caloria militaris (Alder and Hancock)Rao, K. Virabhadra; Kumari, L. Krishn.IJMS Vol.02(1) [June 1973]32-37
Copepod component of zooplankton in a tropical estuaryPillai, P. ParameswaranIJMS Vol.02(1) [June 1973]38-46
Quantitative distribution of planktonic foraminifera in the south-west coast of IndiaRao, K. KameswaraIJMS Vol.02(1) [June 1973]54-61
Blood Amino Acid Levels in the Freshwater Crab, Barytelphusa guerini H. Milne Edwards, as a Function of Salinity AdaptationVenkatachari, S. A. T.; Keshavan, RamamaniIJMS Vol.02(1) [June 1973]65-68
Cooperative Studies of the Kuroshio & Adjacent Regions: Part I - A Factor AnalysisDomey, Richard G.; Moerner, William E.IJMS Vol.02(2) [December 1973]69-77
Ecology of mangroves in Mandovi and Zuari estuaries and the interconnecting Cumbarjua canal of GoaUntawale, A. G.; Dwivedi, S. N.; Singbal, S. Y. S.IJMS Vol.02(1) [June 1973]47-53
Distribution of Diopatra neapolitana delle chiaje (polychaeta) in the south-west coast of IndiaParameswaran, V. S.IJMS Vol.02(1) [June 1973]62-63
Growth of Penaeus monodon fabricius under laboratory conditionsSubrahmanyam, M.IJMS Vol.02(1) [June 1973]63-65
Distribution of phosphorus and organic carbon in the nearshore sediments of GoaRajamanickam, G. Victor; Setty, M. G. Anantha PadmanabhaIJMS Vol.02(2) [December 1973]84-89
Effect of artificially dumped material on the configuration of Baina beach, GoaVeerayya, M.; Murty, C. S.; Varadachar, V. V. R.IJMS Vol.02(2) [December 1973]78-83