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Oxidation behviour of sol-gel zirconia coated 9Cr-1Mo ferritic steel in air atmosphereSingh, I B; Ruhi, G; Modi, O P; Singh, MIJCT Vol.23(6) [November 2016]533-537
Column mode removal of copper through physically entrapped algal bioadsorbentsRanjith, L; Shukla, S PIJCT Vol.23(6) [November 2016]527-532
Antibacterial activity of biostabilized silver nanoparticlesRochlani, Kavita; Vadakkekara, Raji; Chakraborty, Mousumi; Dasgupta, SumitaIJCT Vol.23(6) [November 2016]520-526
Visible-light induced photocatalytic mineralization of methylene green dye using BaCrO4 photocatalystPare, Brijesh; Solanki, Vijendra Singh; Gupta, Premlata; Jonnalgadda, S BIJCT Vol.23(6) [November 2016]513-519
Adsorptive removal of acid orange 7 from industrial effluents using activated carbon and conducting polymer composite – A comparative studySupriya, S; Palanisamy, P NIJCT Vol.23(6) [November 2016]506-512
An eco-friendly non-conventional adsorbent from silk cotton fiber for the removal of methylene blue dyeTamilselvi, S; Asaithambi, M; Sivakumar, VIJCT Vol.23(6) [November 2016]497-505
Treatment of rice grain based biodigester distillery effluent (BDE) using inorganic coagulantsPrajapati, Abhinesh Kumar; Chaudhari, Parmesh Kumar; Mazumdar, Bidyut; Choudhary, RumiIJCT Vol.23(6) [November 2016]491-496
Layered double hydroxides intercalated by long chain anions as oil phase gelling agentZamanian, Sara; Kharat, Ali NematiIJCT Vol.23(6) [November 2016]485-490
Detection of nitrification in amine modified multiwalled carbon nanotubes by TOF-SIMS ion imagingSingh, Bhanu Pratap; Karar, NIJCT Vol.23(6) [November 2016]478-484
Internal pressure, excess internal pressure and pseudo-Gruneisen parameter of binary systems from associated and non-associated modelsShukla, R K; Tenguriya, Kirti; Shukla, Sadhna; Tiwari, Manish; Dwivedi, SonuIJCT Vol.23(6) [November 2016]469-477
A green and facile synthesis of silver nanoparticles and its application in the reduction and photodegradation of organic compoundsSinha, Tanur; Ahmaruzzaman, M; Bhattacharjee, ArchitaIJCT Vol.23(6) [November 2016]462-468
Fischer-Tropsch synthesis over potassium-promoted Co-Fe/SiO2 catalystMansouri, Mohsen; Atashi, HosseinIJCT Vol.23(6) [November 2016]453-461
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 12 of 12