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Synthesis, microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-Si-Mg alloy hybrid (zircon + alumina) compositeKumar, T Satish; Subramanian, R; Shalini, S; Anburaj, J; Angelo, P CIJEMS Vol.23(1) [February 2016]20-26
Current-mode resistorless sinusoidal oscillators and a dual-phase square-wave generator using current-controlled current-differencing transconductance amplifiers and grounded capacitorsChien, Hung-ChunIJEMS Vol.23(1) [February 2016]7-19
Constitutive modeling of commercial pure titanium during hot deformation in alpha and beta phase fieldsMirzadeh, HamedIJEMS Vol.23(1) [February 2016]60-64
Comparative evaluation on the performance of nanostructured TiAlN, AlCrN, TiAlN/AlCrN coated and uncoated carbide cutting tool on turning En24 alloy steelKumar, T Sampath; Prabu, S Balasivanandha; Kumar, T SornaIJEMS Vol.23(1) [February 2016]45-59
Increasing machinability of grey cast iron using cubic boron nitride tools: Evaluation of wear mechanismsČerče, Luka; Pušavec, FranciIJEMS Vol.23(1) [February 2016]65-78
Tribological and dynamic mechanical analysis of epoxy based hybrid sisal/jute compositeGupta, M K; Srivastava, R KIJEMS Vol.23(1) [February 2016]37-44
Durability of composite cements containing granulated blast-furnace slag and silica nano-particlesHeikal, Mohamed; Aleem, S Abd El; Morsi, W MIJEMS Vol.23(1) [February 2016]88-100
Investigation of mechanical properties of fly ash and Al2O3 reinforced A356 alloy matrix hybrid composite manufactured by improved stir castingKulkarni, S G; Menghani, J V; Lal, AchchheIJEMS Vol.23(1) [February 2016]27-36
Effect of surface treatments on wear resistance of spring steel wire as a work-piece material of a fishing net-weaving machine componentIntanon, Naphatara; Saikaew, CharnnarongIJEMS Vol.23(1) [February 2016]79-87
Characterization of SiO2 nanoparticles dispersed (PVA–PEO) blend based nanocomposites as the polymeric nanodielectric materialsChoudhary, ShobhnaIJEMS Vol.23(6) [December 2016]399-410