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Homology modeling and QSAR analysis of 1,3,4-thiadiazole and 1,3,4-triazole derivatives as carbonic anhydrase inhibitorsAkula, N V Murali Krishna; Kumar, Surendra; Singh, Vineet; Tiwari, MeenaIJBB Vol.47(4) [August 2010]234-242
A QSAR study on a series of thiourea derivatives acting as anti-hepatitis C virus agentsSharma, Anjana; Gupta, Satya P; Siddiqui, Anees AhmedIJBB Vol.50(4) [August 2013]278-283
A QSAR study on a series of N-methyl pyrimidones acting as HIV integrase inhibitorsKaushik, Shikha; Gupta, Satya P; Sharma, Pramod K; Anwer, ZaihraIJBB Vol.48(6) [December 2011]427-434
Comparative QSAR modeling of COX-2 inhibitor 1,2-diarylimidazoles using E-state and physicochemical parametersChakraborty, Santanu; Sengupta, Chandana; Roy, KunalIJBB Vol.44(3) [June 2007]169-175
Quantitative structure-activity relationship of some pesticidesPraba, G Om; Velmurugan, DIJBB Vol.44(6) [December 2007]470-476
QSAR study of lipid peroxidation-inhibition potential of some phenolic antioxidantsRay, Supratim; De, Kakali; Sengupta, Chandana; Roy, KunalIJBB Vol.45(3) [June 2008]198-205
Exploring QSAR of peripheral benzodiazepine receptor binding affinity of N,N-dialkyl-2-phenylindol -3-yl-glyoxylamides using physico-chemical descriptorsRoy, Kunal; Dalai, Manoj KumarIJBB Vol.44(2) [April 2007]114-121
Exploring selectivity requirements for COX-2 versus COX-1 binding of 2-(5-phenyl-pyrazol-1-yl)-5-methanesulfonylpyridines using topological and physico-chemical parametersChakraborty, Santanu; Sengupta, Chandana; Roy, KunalIJBB Vol.42(2) [April 2005]106-112
Quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) analysis of a series of indole analogues as inhibitor for human group V secretory phospholipase A₂OmPraba, G; Velmurugan, DIJBB Vol.43(3) [June 2006]154-159
Development and validation of a robust QSAR model for prediction of carcinogenicity of drugsKar, Supratik; Roy, KunalIJBB Vol.48(2) [April 2011]111-122