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Mechanisms for the Defects in Phospholipid Signal Transduction in Diabetic CardiomyopathyTappia, Paramjit S; Dhalla, Naranjan SIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]431-440
Association of family history of type 2 diabetes mellitus with markers of endothelial dysfunction in South Indian populationDhananjayan, R; Malati, T; Brindha, G; Kutala, Vijay KumarIJBB Vol.50(2) [April 2013]93-98
Dietary restriction prevents diabetogenic effect of streptozotocin in miceGoyary, D; Sharma, RIJBB Vol.47(4) [August 2010]254-256
Relation of CuZnSOD activity with renal insufficiency in hypertensive diabetic patientsStancic, Ana; Rasic-Milutinovic, Zorica; Perunicic-Pekovic, Gordana; Buzadzic, Biljana; Korac, Aleksandra; Otasevic, Vesna; Jankovic, Aleksandra; Vucetic, Milica; Korac, BatoIJBB Vol.49(2) [April 2012]97-100
Angiogenic response of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) involves PPAR Devi, Manju S; Sudhakaran, Perumana RIJBB Vol.49(1) [February 2012]18-24
Biochemistry of homocysteine in health and diseasesRamakrishnan, S; Sulochana, K N; Lakshmi, S; Selvi, R; Angayarkanni, NIJBB Vol.43(5) [October 2006]275-283
Potential Health Benefits of Indian Spices in the Symptoms of the Metabolic Syndrome: A ReviewIyer, Abishek; Panchal, Sunil; Poudyal, Hemant; Brown, LindsayIJBB Vol.46(6) [December 2009]467-481
Non-enzymatic glycation of proteins: A cause for complications in diabetesNawale, R B; Mourya, V K; Bhise, S BIJBB Vol.43(6) [December 2006]337-344
Probing the mechanism of the anti-diabetic potential of a terpenoid from Elephantopus scaber L., an Indian ethnomedicinal plant in STZ diabetic rats- In vivo and in silico analysisJasmine, R; Kumar, Ganesh A; Rajaram, RIJBB Vol.55(6) [December 2018]384-388
Application of multiple linear regression and machine learning algorithms to elucidate the association of poor glycemic control and hyperhomocysteinemia with microalbuminuriaMohan, Iyyapu Krishna; Sreedevi, NN; Baba, KSS Sai; Bhaskar, M Vijaya; Hussain, Tajamul; Alrokayan, Salman A; Naushad, Shaik MohammadIJBB Vol.56(2) [April 2019]150-154