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Dietary grapes (Vitis vinifera) feeding attenuates ethanol-induced oxidative stress in blood and modulates immune functions in miceMukherjee, Sukhes; Das, Subir Kumar; Vasudevan, D MIJBB Vol.49(5) [October 2012]379-385
Challenges of Ionizing Radiation in Tumor Treatment and Role of AngiogenesisDas, Subir KumarIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]527-530
Role of nitric oxide, angiogenic growth factors and biochemical analysis in preeclampsiaSaha, Tanmay; Halder, Mrityunjoy; Das, Amitabha; Das, Subir KumarIJBB Vol.50(5) [October 2013]462-466
Antioxidant potential of different grape cultivars against Fenton-like reagent-induced liver damage ex-vivoSingha, Indrani; Das, Subir KumarIJBB Vol.51(5) [October 2014]372-377
Protective effect of resveratrol and vitamin E against ethanol-induced oxidative damage in mice: Biochemical and immunological basisDas, Subir Kumar; Mukherjee, Sukhes; Gupta, Geetanjali; Rao, D N; Vasudevan, D MIJBB Vol.47(1) [February 2010]32-37
Time-dependent effects of ethanol on blood oxidative stress parameters and cytokinesDas, Subir Kumar; Varadhan, Sowmya; Gupta, Geetanjali; Mukherjee, Sukhes; Dhanya, L; Rao, D N; Vasudevan, D MIJBB Vol.46(1) [February 2009]116-121
Protective effects of silymarin, a milk thistle (Silybium marianum) derivative on ethanol-induced oxidative stress in liverDas, Subir Kumar; Vasudevan, D MIJBB Vol.43(5) [October 2006]306-311
Application of cell-free fetal DNA for early evaluation of preeclampsia to reduce maternal mortality by low-cost method – A prospective cohort studySaha, Mriganka Mouli; Mukherjee, Deepshikha; Ghosh, Utpal; Das, Subir KumarIJBB Vol.55(5) [October 2018]334-340
Trianthema portulacastrum L. extract protects against gamma radiation induced human red blood cell membrane damage in vitroDas, Uttam; Saha, Tanmay; Das, Subir KumarIJBB Vol.55(5) [October 2018]321-327
Acute effects of hydroxychloroquine prophylaxis for COVID-19 in health care professionals – An online surveyDalai, Chanchal Kumar; Sarkar, Deblina; Ghosh, Abhishek; Ahmed, Shah Newaz; Das, Subir Kumar; Roy, Suman Kumar; Mukhopadhyay, KeshabIJBB Vol.57(6) [December 2020]707-712