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Special Issue on Cellular Signalling
Guest Editors: Prof. Sajal Chakraborti, Prof. Ashok K Srivastava & Prof. Madhu B Anand-Srivastava

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Herbicide paraquat induces sex-specific variation of neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration in Drosophila melanogasterDalui, Shauryabrota; Bhattacharyya, ArindamIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]567-573
Lys-413 of S-phase mRNA cycling sequence binding protein from Leishmania donovani (LdCSBP) is modified through monoubiquitination that is responsible for inhibition of its riboendonuclease activityGuha, Kasturi; Das, Sneha; Saha, ParthaIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]559-566
Leishmania donovani secretory serine protease alters macrophage inflammatory response via COX-2 mediated PGE-2 productionDas, Partha; De, Tripti; Chakraborti, TapatiIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]542-551
TLR4-mediated activation of MyD88 signaling induces protective immune response and IL-10 down-regulation in Leishmania donovani infectionPaul, Joydeep; Naskar, Kshudiram; Chowdhury, Sayan; Alam, Md. Nur; Chakraborti, Tapati; De, TriptiIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]531-541
Challenges of Ionizing Radiation in Tumor Treatment and Role of AngiogenesisDas, Subir KumarIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]527-530
Influence of ultraviolet C bystander effect on inflammatory response in A375 cell on subsequent exposure to ultraviolet C or hydrogen peroxideGuha, Dipanjan; Bhowmik, Sudipta; Ghosh, RitaIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]552-558
Signaling Pathways in Insulin- and IGF-I Mediated Oocyte Maturation in Lower VertebratesMukherjee, Dilip; Majumder, Suravi; Moulick, Sujata Roy; Pal, Puja; Mallick, Buddhadeb; Chakraborty, Arindam; Gupta, ShreyasiIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]520-526
Phospholipid Remodeling and Eicosanoid Signaling in Colon Cancer CellsDas, Siddhartha; Martinez, Leobarda Robles; Ray, SuparnaIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]512-519
Regulation of N-Myristoyltransferase by the Calpain and Caspase SystemsSharma, Rajendra K; Kumar, Sujeet; Parameswaran, Sreejit; Dimmock, Jonathan RIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]506-511
Lung Retinoid Metabolism and Signaling in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseDas, Salil K; Roy, Somdutta Sinha; Mukherjee, Shyamali; Ong, David EIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]499-505
Insulin Signaling Network in CancerRay, Alpana; Alalem, Mohamed; Ray, Bimal KIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]493-498
Regulation of Cardiac β3-Adrenergic Receptors in HyperglycemiaTuran, Belma; Tuncay, ErkanIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]483-492
Signaling Mechanisms Regulating Fibroblast Activation, Phenoconversion and Fibrosis in the HeartMacLean, Jessica; Pasumarthi, Kishore B SIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]476-482
Regulation of Giα Protein Expression by Vasoactive Peptides in Hypertension: Molecular MechanismsLi, Yuan; Anand-Srivastava, Madhu BIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]467-475
Involvement of the Early Growth Response Protein 1 in Vascular Pathophysiology: An OverviewCheyou, Estelle R Simo; Youreva, Viktoria; Srivastava, Ashok KIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]457-466
Vascular Aneurysms: A PerspectiveChakraborti, Sajal; Chowdhury, Animesh; Alam, Md Nur; Sarkar, Jaganmay; Mandal, Amritlal; Pramanik, Asmita; Chakraborti, TapatiIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]449-456
Implications of Fundamental Signalling Alterations in Diabetes mellitus-associated Cardiovascular DiseaseBalakumar, PitchaiIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]441-448
Mechanisms for the Defects in Phospholipid Signal Transduction in Diabetic CardiomyopathyTappia, Paramjit S; Dhalla, Naranjan SIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]431-440
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 18 of 18