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Feasibility and profitability of Lavender (Lavandula officinalis) based intercropping systems under wet-temperate condition of Himachal Pradesh Puri, Garima; Badiyala, Dinesh; Puri, U KBVAAP Vol.14(2) [December 2006]161-164
Some overlooked but important medicinal and aromatic plants of Western HimalayaChawla, Amit; Singh, K N; Sharma, Varun; Lal, Brij; Singh, R D; Ahuja, P SBVAAP Vol.14(2) [December 2006]146-150
Effet of filler on ionic conductivity of electrolytes of low and high Tg polymer Agarwal, S L; Awadhiya, A; Patel, S K; Patel, R BBVAAP Vol.14(2) [December 2006]192-197
Hybridization in Fragrant Roses for quality improvementDhyani, D; Karthigeyan, S; Ahuja, P SBVAAP Vol.14(2) [December 2006]151-155
Cultivation of Large Cardamom in Himachal PradeshSood, R K; Singh, R D; Ahuja, P SBVAAP Vol.14(2) [December 2006]156-160
Standardisation of propagation techniques in Large Cardamom (Amomum subulatum Roxb.) Singh, Yudhvir; Sharma, Susheel; Pathania, N KBVAAP Vol.14(2) [December 2006]165-166
Sustainable use of fly ash in agro-forestrySinha, A K; Srivastava, N. K.; Ram, L CBVAAP Vol.14(2) [December 2006]172-180
Enhancement of ethanol production by optimization of fermentation process from Sweet Sorghum juicePrasad, Shiv; Joshi, H C; Lata; Kaushik, RBVAAP Vol.14(2) [December 2006]181-185
Natural source of lutein: Marigold (Tagetes erecta L.) Introduction, cultivation, selection and quality improvement under mid hill conditions of Himachal Pradesh Kaul, Kiran; Bedi, Y SBVAAP Vol.14(2) [December 2006]167-171
Responses of plants to the rising concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide : An analysisUpreti, DC; Sexena, D C; Dwivedi, Neeta; Raj, Anupam; Paswan, Ganesh; Dass, Ranjan; Sujatha; Garg, S C; Maini, H K; Mitra, A PBVAAP Vol.14(2) [December 2006]186-191