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Dielectric relaxation of poly ethylene glycol-water mixtures using time domain techniqueMali, C S; Chavan, S D; Kanse, K S; Kumbharkhane, A C; Mehrotra, S CIJPAP Vol.45(5) [May 2007]476-481
Effect of substrate temperatures, deposition rate and heat treatment on structural and carrier transport mechanisms of thermal evaporated p-Cu₂S/n-CdS heterojunctionNahass, M M El; El-Barry, A M AIJPAP Vol.45(5) [May 2007]465-475
High-pressure behaviour of rare earth mono bismuthidesPagare, Gitanjali; Sanyal, Sankar P; Jha, P KIJPAP Vol.45(5) [May 2007]459-464
Heating of manganites by magnetic component of microwaveSingh, R JIJPAP Vol.45(5) [May 2007]454-458
Structural and optical studies of activated thin film and monolith nano-structure silica gel with different rare earth elements prepared by sol - gel techniquesBattisha, I K; Beyally, A El; Soliman, S L; Nahrawi, A M SIJPAP Vol.45(5) [May 2007]441-453
Estimation of electro-optical payload performanceMishra, R K; Rao, Kasi Vishweswara; Krishna, V Vamshi; Pillai, AMGIJPAP Vol.45(5) [May 2007]437-440
Ultrasonic attenuation in liquid mercury, zinc and gallium metalsAwasthi, O N; Pundhir, V KIJPAP Vol.45(5) [May 2007]434-436
Schlieren interferometric concealed coded security hologramsKumar, Raj; Aggarwal, A KIJPAP Vol.45(5) [May 2007]429-433
Measurement of excitation functions of the reactions ⁵⁸Ni(n,2n) ⁵⁷Ni and ⁶⁵Cu(n,2n)⁶⁴Cu in the neutron energy range 13.90-14.71 MeVHafiz, M AIJPAP Vol.45(5) [May 2007]425-428
Study of multidimensional fluctuations and non-thermal phase transition in ring like and jet like events in ultrarelativistic nuclear collisionsGhosh, Dipak; Deb, Argha; Haldar, Prabir Kumar; Guptaroy, SimaIJPAP Vol.45(5) [May 2007]419-424
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 10 of 10