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Synthesis and blood pressure lowering activity of some newer quinazolinonesTyagi, Mirdula; Srivastava, V K; Chandra, Ramesh; Kumar, AshokIJC-B Vol.41B(11) [November 2002]2367-2370
Heterocyclic systems containing bridgehead nitrogen atom: Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of spiro[cycloalkane-1', 7(8H)-(6H)-trans-3, 3a-dihydropyrazolo[3', 4':4,5] thiazolo[3, 2-b]-s-tetrazines]Mohan, Jag; Anupama; Kumar, Ashok; Khatter, DikshaIJC-B Vol.41B(02) [February 2002]400-402
Synthesis and anti-inflammatory activity of some new 2,3-disubstituted-6-monosubstituted-quinazolin-4(3H)-onesRani, Preeti; Archana; Srivastava, V K; Kumar, AshokIJC-B Vol.41B(12) December 2002]2642-2646
Synthesis of potential quinazolinonyl pyrazolines and quinazolinyl isoxazolines as anticonv ulsant agentsArchana; Srivastava, V K; Chandra, Ramesh; Kumar, AshokIJC-B Vol.41B(11) [November 2002]2371-2375
Condensed bridgehead nitrogen heterocyclic systems: Synthesis and bioactivity of 2,3-dihydrothiazolo[3 ',2' :2,3]-as-triazino[5,6-b] indole, 2,3-dihydro-4H[1,3]thiazino [3',2' : 2,3]-as-triazino[5,6-b]indole and quinoxalino[2',3' :4,5]thiazolo[3,2-b]indolo[2,3-e]-as-triazine and their isomeric systemsMohan, Jag; Kumar, AshokIJC-B Vol.41B(11) [November 2002]2364-2366
Synthesis of some newer indolyl-thiadiazolyl-pyrazolines and indolyl-oxadiazolyl-pyrazolines as potential anti-inflammatory agentsSharma, Shalabh; Srivastava, Virendra Kishor; Kumar, AshokIJC-B Vol.41B(12) December 2002]2647-2654