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Adsorption behaviour of N-haloarene sulphonamidates on activated carbon at 303 KRamachandran, Jaya; Vivekanandan, S; Lakshmi, SIJC-A Vol.40A(01) [January 2001]115-118
Mechanism of oxidation of isoniazid by hypohalites in alkaline medium: A kinetic studyRamalingaiah, Hulivana; Puttaswamy; Mohan, KIJC-A Vol.40A(01) [January 2001]110-114
Kinetic and thermodynamic aspects of chloramine - T adsorption on different adsorbents at different temperaturesRamachandran, Jaya; Vivekanandan, S; Lakshmi, SIJC-A Vol.40A(01) [January 2001]105-109
Viscometric and volumetric studies of some transition metal chlorides in glycine water solutionMishra, A P; Gautam, S KIJC-A Vol.40A(01) [January 2001]100-104
Photolysis of water absorbed by photosensitive sodium sulphide during solid state interaction with V2+, Cr2+ and Mn2+ ions in sun lightLakshmi; Sahay, A; Shukla, S; Singh, SIJC-A Vol.40A(01) [January 2001]95-99
Synthesis, structure and reactivity of palladated azo-oxime-carboxylatesPal, Chandan Kumar; Mukherjee (Karmakar), Soma; Ganguly, SanjibIJC-A Vol.40A(01) [January 2001]90-94
Synthesis and fluorescence properties of covalently linked diphenyl ethyne bridged porphyrin trimersRavikanth, MIJC-A Vol.40A(01) [January 2001]86-89
Preparation of halogenated arene complexes and their dehalogenation for further metallationUllah, S S; Alam, F R; Haque, M RIJC-A Vol.40A(01) [January 2001]79-85
Chemical reactivity of desferrioxamine mesylate modulated by micellar solutionsGhosh, Kallol K; Tiwary, L KIJC-A Vol.40A(01) [January 2001]74-78
Ligand control on the reactions of transition metal complexes with sulphur(IV): Kinetics and mechanism of the reaction of trans-(diaqua) (N,N'-propylene 1,2-bissalicylidiniminato) iron(III) with sulphur(IV) in aqueous medium.Das, Arabinda; Dash, Anadi CIJC-A Vol.40A(01) [January 2001]65-73
Thermodynamic interactions in binary mixtures of 1-chloronaphthalene with n-alkanesAminabhavi, Tejraj M; Banerjee, KamalikaIJC-A Vol.40A(01) [January 2001]53-64
Aqueous polymerization of methyl methacrylate initiated by manganese (III) pyrophosphate- potassium thiocyanate redox system: A kinetic studySherigara, B S; Rai, S K; Shivakumar, KIJC-A Vol.40A(01) [January 2001]46-52
A new polymeric flame retardant additive for vinyl polymersSundarrajan, Subramanian; Kishore, Kaushal; Ganesh, KannanIJC-A Vol.40A(01) [January 2001]41-45
Structure and redox properties of CexSn1-xO2 mixed oxidesLin, Ru; Zhong, Yi-Jun; Luo, Meng-Fei; Liu, Wei-PingIJC-A Vol.40A(01) [January 2001]36-40
Perovskites as alternative anode materials for direct methanol fuel cellsRaghuveer, V; Viswanathan, BIJC-A Vol.40A(01) [January 2001]30-35
Substituent effect on transition structure of Corey-Chaykovsky reaction: A semiempirical studyDas, Gourab KantiIJC-A Vol.40A(01) [January 2001]23-29
Topological estimation of proton-ligand formation constants: A multivariate analysisKarmarkar, Sneha; Khadikar, Padmakar V.; Mandloi, Manorama; Joshi, Shobha; Agrawal, Vijay KIJC-A Vol.40A(01) [January 2001]12-22
On the use of iterated line graphs in quantitative structure-property studiesGutman, Ivan; Tomvic, Zelico; Mishra, Bijay K; Kuanar, MinatiIJC-A Vol.40A(01) [January 2001]4-11
Nitrite linkage isomerization promoted by alkyne insertion in ruthenium organometallicsChattopadhyay, Swarup; Ghosh, Kaushik; Pattanayak, Sujay; Chakravorty, AnimeshIJC-A Vol.40A(01) [January 2001]1-3
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19