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Chemical graph theory-Facts and fictionRandic, MilanIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1207-1218
Hosoya indices and a new approach to molecular similarityTurker, LemiIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1442-1445
Equalized electronegativity and topological indices: Application for modelling toxicity of nitrobenzene derivativesKhadikar, Padmakar V; Lukovits, Istvan; Agrawal, Vijay K; Shrivastava, Shachi; Jaiswal, Mona; Gutman, Ivan; Karmarkar, Sneha; Shrivastava, AnjaliIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1436-1441
Use of distance-based topological indices in modeling antihypertensive activity: Case of 2-aryl-imino-imidazolidinesAgrawal, Vijay K; Karmarkar, Sneha; Khadikar, Padmakar V; Shrivastava, Shachi; Lukovits, IstavanIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1426-1435
Novel topochemical descriptors for predicting anti-HIV activityGupta, Sunil; Singh, Manjeet; Madan, Anil KumarIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1414-1425
Application of selected traditional structural descriptors to QSRR and QSAR analysis of barbituratesPyka, Alina; Kepczynska, Elzbieta; Bojarski, JacekIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1405-1413
True prediction by consensus for small sets of cyclooxigenase-2 inhibitorsJulian-Ortiz, Jesus Vicente de; Besalu, Emili; Garcia-Domenech, RamonIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1392-1404
Use of topological indices in predicting aryl hydrocarbon receptor binding potency of dibenzofurans: A hierarchical QSAR approachBasak, Subhash C; Mills, Denise; Mumtaz, Moiz M; Balasubramanian, KrishnanIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1385-1391
Topological investigations of binary and ternary mixtures containing cyclic ether: Excess isentropic compressibilitiesSharma, Vinod K; Romi; Kumar, SatishIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1379-1384
QSAR modeling of polychlorinated aromatic compoundsCaprioara, Mihaela; Diudea, Mircea VIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1368-1378
Selected structural descriptors and RM values for calculation and prediction of molar volume of homologous series of saturated fatty acidsPyka, Alina; Bober, KatarzynuIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1360-1367
Maximum topological distances based indices as molecular descriptors for QSPR. V-Modeling the free energy of hydrocarbonsDuchowicz, Pablo; Sinani, Romulo G; Castro, Eduardo A; Toropov, Andrey AIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1354-1359
Introducing the complete graphs for the inner-core electronsPogliani, LionelloIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1347-1353
Applications of topological indices to structure-activity relationship modelling and selection of mineral collectorsNatarajan, Ramanathan; Kamalakanan, Palanichamy; Nirdosh, InderjitIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1330-1346
From molecular graphs to drugs. A review on the use of topological indices in drug design and discoveryEstrada, Ernesto; Patlewicz, Grace; Uriarte, EugenioIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1315-1329
Graph energy-A useful molecular structure-descriptorGutrnan, Ivan; Vidovic, Dusica; Cmiljanovic, Natasa; Milosavljevic, Svetlana; Radenkovic, SlavkoIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1309-1311
Approximating total π-electron energy of phenylenes in terms of spectral momentsMarkovic, SvetlanaIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1304-1308
Fully angular hexagonal chains extremal with regard to the largest eigenvalueShiu, Wai Chee; Lam, Peter Che Bor; Zhang, Lian-zhuIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1298-1303
A novel topological index for coding of alternant systemsTurker, LemiIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1295-1297
Layer matrices and distance property descriptorsDiudea, Mircea V; Ursu, OlegIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1283-1294
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 29