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The extraction chromatographic separation of beryllium from aluminium with trioctylphosphine oxideRokade, M D; Dhadke, P MIJC-A Vol.40A(11) [November 2001]1243-1246
Formation constants and molecular modelling studies on interaction of metal ions with 6- f1uoro-7-(5-nonyl-1 ,3,4-oxadiazol-2-ylsulphanyl)-4-quinolone-3-carboxylic acid [QDA]Sharma, R K; Chopra, Shilpa; Kidwai, MIJC-A Vol.40A(11) [November 2001]1240-1242
Synthesis and characterization of heterobimetallic complexes of 1,8-dihydro- 1,3,6,8,10, 13-hexaazacyclotetradecane with Cu(II), Ni(II), Si(IV), Ge (IV) and Sn (IV) chloridesTabassum, S; Rafiqi, S H; Nishat, N; Arjmand, F; Srivastava, SIJC-A Vol.40A(11) [November 2001]1237-1239
Synthesis, characterization and reactivity of some oxoperoxomolybdenum(VI) and oxoperoxotungsten(VI) complexes of hexamethylenetetramineKumar, ArvindIJC-A Vol.40A(11) [November 2001]1233-1236
Synthesis and properties of mixed chelates of ruthenium containing 1,2-diimine, 1,2-iminoquinone and dioxolene ligandsKamar, Kunal K; Saha, Amrita; Goswami, Sreebrata; Peng, Shie-MingIJC-A Vol.40A(11) [November 2001]1229-1232
Synthesis and characterization of heterobimetallic isopropoxides of bismuth (III)Sharma, Maneesh K; Sharma, Malti; Singh, Anirudh; Mehrotra, Ram CIJC-A Vol.40A(11) [November 2001]1226-1228
Electrosynthesis and characterisation of polyaniline with and without SDS modificationSingh, K; Mishra, Usha; Tiwari, A KIJC-A Vol.40A(11) [November 2001]1222-1225
Viscosities of amino acid-urea-water ternary systems from 298.15 to 318.15 KWaris, B N; Hassan, U; Shrivastava, NIJC-A Vol.40A(11) [November 2001]1218-1221
Viscosity of multi component mixtures of non-electrolyte liquidsPandey, J D; Mukherjee, Sushmita; Tripathi, S B; Soni, N KIJC-A Vol.40A(11) [November 2001]1214-1217
Characterization of reverse micelles by spectroscopic measurementsBiswas, Soma; Bhattacharya, Subhash C; Moulik, Satya PIJC-A Vol.40A(11) [November 2001]1210-1213
Characterization of nanocrystalline ZnFe2O4 prepared by using polyvinyl alcohol gel methodSu, Bitao; Li, Xinyong; Liu, Xiuhui; Sun, Liping; Sun, QiaozhenIJC-A Vol.40A(11) [November 2001]1207-1209
Time resolved study of di-benzyloxyisopropyl-porphyrindiol [DBOIP] and its interaction with DNAZhang, L W; Lin, W Z; Chen, Z L; Wang, W F; Yao, S DIJC-A Vol.40A(11) [November 2001]1203-1206
Kinetics and mechanism of chlorination of phenol and substituted phenols by sodium hypochlorite in aqueous alkaline mediumGowda, B Thimme; Mary, M CIJC-A Vol.40A(11) [November 2001]1196-1202
Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of hydroxylaminehydrochloride by vanadium (V) in the presence of sodium lauryl sulphateSwain, Rajendra; Panigrahi, G PIJC-A Vol.40A(11) [November 2001]1191-1195
Kinetic and mechanistic studies on the interaction of DL-methionine with di-μ-hydroxobis(bipyridyl)dipalladium(II) ionMoi, S C; Ghosh, A K; De, G SIJC-A Vol.40A(11) [November 2001]1187-1190
Kinetics and mechanism of the oxidation of some unsaturated acids by 2,2'-bipyridinium chlorochromateVyas, Shashi; Sharma, Pradeep K; Banerji, Kalyan KIJC-A Vol.40A(11) [November 2001]1182-1186
Soluble rhodium catalyst for carbonylation reaction: Kinetics and mechanism of diphenylurea formationMukherjee, Deb KumarIJC-A Vol.40A(11) [November 2001]1176-1181
Kinetics and mechanism of the dehydration of HCO3- catalyzed by Zn(II) and Cu(II) complexes of novel tripod ligandLin, Huakuan; Wang, Xu; Zhu, Shourong; Chen, YuntiIJC-A Vol.40A(11) [November 2001]1172-1175
Synthesis and spectral studies of some oxovanadium(IV) and vanadium(IV) complexesSwamy, S J; Reddy, A Dharma; Bhaskar, KIJC-A Vol.40A(11) [November 2001]1166-1171
A study on partial molar volumes of some mineral salts in binary aqueous solutions of urea at various temperaturesParmar, M L; Dhiman, D KIJC-A Vol.40A(11) [November 2001]1161-1165
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 23