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Prospects of Siloxane Membrane Technology for Gas Separation - A ReviewReddy, B S R; Senthilkumar, UJSIR Vol.62(07) [July 2003]666-677
Non-conventional Machining Processes as Viable Alternatives for Production With Specific Reference to Electrical Discharge MachiningPayal, H S; Sethi, B LJSIR Vol.62(07) [July 2003]678-682
Medicinal Significance of Nitroimidazoles—Some Recent AdvancesKapoor, V K; Chadha, Renu; Venisetty, Praveen K; Prasanth, SJSIR Vol.62(07) [July 2003]659-665
Mild Steel Corrosion Reduction in Water by Uptake of Dissolved Oxygen by Rhodotorula mucilaginosaDabhole, M P; Joishy, K NJSIR Vol.62(07) [July 2003]683-689
Development of Specialty Paper is An Art: Alkali Resistant Paper from Indigenous Raw Material - Part VIDutt, Dharm; Malik, R S; Tyagi, C H; Upadhyaya, J SJSIR Vol.62(07) [July 2003]690-693
Oxygen-peroxide (Eop) Delignification and Peroxide (P) Bleaching of Bagasse Kraft PulpM Hassan, El-BarbaryJSIR Vol.62(07) [July 2003]699-706
Incidence of Killer Yeast in Cane Molasses and Status of Industrial Yeasts with Respect to Killer CharacterBajaj, Bijender K; Dilbaghi, Neeraj; Sharma, SJSIR Vol.62(07) [July 2003]714-717
Development of Specialty Paper is An Art: Barrier Paper from Indigenous Raw Materials - Part VIIDutt, Dharm; Tyagi, C H; Malik, R S; Upadhyaya, J S; Kumar, AlokJSIR Vol.62(07) [July 2003]694-698
Electrodeposition of Zinc-Nickel AlloyRavindran, Visalakshi; Muralidharan, V SJSIR Vol.62(07) [July 2003]718-722
Generation of Chlorinated Organic Material in Eucalyptus Pulp Bleaching Using Different Bleaching SequencesRoy, M; Chakrabarti, S K; Bharadwaj, N K; Chandra, Sandip; Kumar, Sanjay; Singh, Sarabjeet; Bajpai, P K; Jauhari, M BJSIR Vol.62(07) [July 2003]707-713