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SEM study on cytotoxic effect of monocrotophos (MCP) on lungs of ratSangeeta; Handa, S M; Mittal, P KIJEB Vol.40(07) [July 2002]835-838
Role of rhizobial biosynthetic pathways of amino acids, nucleotide bases and vitamins in symbiosisRandhawa, Gursharn S; Hassani, RaadIJEB Vol.40(07) [July 2002]755-764
Screening of Indian plants for biological activity*: Part XVIGoel, A K; Kulshreshtha, D K; Dubey, M P; Rajendran, S MIJEB Vol.40(07) [July 2002]812-827
Effect of low level exposure of lead and cadmium on hepatic estradiol metabolism in female ratsPillai, Anil; Laxmipriya; Rawal, Ami; Gupta, SaritaIJEB Vol.40(07) [July 2002]807-811
Cyanobacterial N2 fixation in presence of nitrogen fertilizersMekonnen, A E; Prasanna, Radha; Kaushik, B DIJEB Vol.40(07) [July 2002]854-857
Secretion of ligninperoxidase by Penicillium citrinum, Fusarium oxysporum and Aspergillus terreusKumari, Meera; Yadav, R S S; Yadav, K D SIJEB Vol.40(07) [July 2002]802-806
In vitro regeneration of Acacia catechu Willd. from callus and mature nodal explants-An improved methodThakur, Manisha; Sharma, D R; Kanwar, Kamlesh; Kant, AnilIJEB Vol.40(07) [July 2002]850-853
Entomopoxvirus of cotton bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera (Hbn.)Narayanan, KIJEB Vol.40(07) [July 2002]842-845
Growth behaviour and bioproduction of indole acetic acid by a Rhizobium sp. isolated from root nodules of a leguminous tree Dalbergia lanceolariaGhosh, A C; Basu, P SIJEB Vol.40(07) [July 2002]796-801
Effect of lead on Na+, K+-ATPase activity in Penaeus indicus postlarvaeSatyavathi, C; Rao, Y PrabhakaraIJEB Vol.40(07) [July 2002]858-860
Control of hyperglycemia and retardation of cataract by mulberry(Marus indica L.) leaves in streptozotocin diabetic ratsAndallu, B; Varadacharyulu, N ChIJEB Vol.40(07) [July 2002]791-795
Effect of phosphocreatine on H+ extrusion, pHi and dimorphism in Candida albicansManzoor, Nikhat; Amin, M; Khan, Luqman AIJEB Vol.40(07) [July 2002]785-790
Use of RAPD in assessing the genetic variability in Spodoptera lituraJanarthanan, S; Seshadri, S; Kathiravan, K; Ignacimuthu, SIJEB Vol.40(07) [July 2002]839-841
Short-term androgen deprivation does not alter CaR and VDR mRNA expression in duodenal mucosa in male ratsTiwari, S; Gupta, S K; Mehrotra, M; Agarwal, G; Awasthi, P K; Godbole, M MIJEB Vol.40(07) [July 2002]780-784
Synergistic effect of ayurvedic pearl preparation on enhancing effectiveness of antibioticsKulkarni, Manisha; Deopujari, J Y; Purohit, H JIJEB Vol.40(07) [July 2002]831-834
Localisation of identical organophosphorus pesticide degrading (opd) genes on genetically dissimilar indigenous plasmids of soil bacteria: PCR amplification, cloning and sequencing of opd gene from Flavobacterium balustinumSomara, Sita; Manavathi, Bramanandam; Tebbe, Christoph C; Siddavatam, DayanandaIJEB Vol.40(07) [July 2002]774-779
Mass production of polyhedral occlusion bodies of NPV of Helicoverpa armigera in relation to dose, age and larval weightNarayanan, K; Jayaraj, SIJEB Vol.40(07) [July 2002]846-849
Antimicrobial potentiality of a phenothiazine group of antipsychotic drug -prochlorperazineMazumder, Rupa; Chaudhuri, Sharmila Ray; Mazumder, AvijitIJEB Vol.40(07) [July 2002]828-830
Validation of traditional claim of Tulsi, Ocimum sanctum Linn. as a medicinal plantGupta, S K; Prakash, Jai; Srivastava, SushmaIJEB Vol.40(07) [July 2002]765-773
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19