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L-Arginine attenuates oxidative stress condition during cardiomyopathyTripathi, Pratima; Pandey, ShivaniIJBB Vol.50(2) [April 2013]99-104
Association of family history of type 2 diabetes mellitus with markers of endothelial dysfunction in South Indian populationDhananjayan, R; Malati, T; Brindha, G; Kutala, Vijay KumarIJBB Vol.50(2) [April 2013]93-98
Individual and interactive effects of elevated carbon dioxide and ozone on tropical wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars with special emphasis on ROS generation and activation of antioxidant defence systemMishra, Amit Kumar; Rai, Richa; Agrawal, S BIJBB Vol.50(2) [April 2013]139-149
Modulatory effects of Azadirachta indica leaf extract on cutaneous and hepatic biochemical status during promotion phase of DMBA/TPA-induced skin tumorigenesis in miceArora, N; Bansal, M P; Koul, AIJBB Vol.50(2) [April 2013]105-113
Effect of low level microwave radiation exposure on cognitive function and oxidative stress in ratsDeshmukh, Pravin Suryakantrao; Banerjee, Basu Dev; Abegaonkar, Mahesh Pandurang; Megha, Kanu; Ahmed, Rafat Sultana; Tripathi, Ashok Kumar; Mediratta, Pramod KumariIJBB Vol.50(2) [April 2013]114-119
Carotenoid genes transcriptional regulation for astaxanthin accumulation in fresh water unicellular alga Haematococcus pluvialis by gibberellin A3 (GA3)Gao, Zhengquan; Meng, Chunxiao; Gao, Hongzheng; Li, Yan; Zhang, Xiaowen; Xu, Dong; Zhou, Shitan; Liu, Banghui; Su, Yuanfeng; Ye, NaihaoIJBB Vol.50(6) [December 2013]548-553
Binding chemistry and molecular heterogeneity of neurotensin binding protein(s)/receptor in adult chicken tissuesMitra, Sankar PIJBB Vol.50(6) [December 2013]511-520
Expression and role of miR-34a in bladder cancerWang, Wei; Li, Tan; Han, Guang; Li, Ying; Shi, Li-hua; Li, HuiIJBB Vol.50(2) [April 2013]87-92
Anti-cholinergic alkaloids as potential therapeutic agents for Alzheimer’s disease: An in silico approachNaaz, Huma; Singh, Swati; Pandey, Veda P; Singh, Priyanka; Dwivedi, Upendra NIJBB Vol.50(2) [April 2013]120-125
Characterization of differentially expressed stress-associated proteins in starch granule development under heat stress in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)Kumar, Ranjeet R; Sharma, Sushil K; Goswami, Suneha; Singh, G P; Singh, Rajendra; Singh, Khushboo; Pathak, Himanshu; Rai, Raj DIJBB Vol.50(2) [April 2013]126-138