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A new method for high pressure epoxidation of unsaturated compound using molybdenumdisulphide as a catalystRatna, D; Banthia, Ajit KIJCT Vol.06(5) [September 1999]285-287
Studies in extraction of nickel by liquid emulsion membrane processKulkarni, P S; Tiwari, K K; Mahajani, V VIJCT Vol.06(6) [November 1999]329-335
Phosphate adsorption studies using carbon prepared from stem bark of Eucalyptus teriticornis SmithSreenivasulu, A; Sundaram, E V; Reddy, M KomalIJCT Vol.06(5) [September 1999]256-262
Corrosion studies on electrodeposited cobalt-zinc alloysSingh, Kehar; Dwivedi, Chandra ShekharIJCT Vol.06(5) [September 1999]263-267
Mathematical models for coal devolatilization and temperature distribution in coke ovensPopat, Y R; Sunavala, P DIJCT Vol.06(5) [September 1999]247-255
Electrodeposition mechanism of aluminium from aluminium chloride-N-(n-butyl)pyridinium chloride room temperature molten saltAli, M R; Nishikata, A; Tsuru, TIJCT Vol.06(6) [November 1999]317-324
Uptake of mercury (II) in batch system by stannic-titania mixed-oxide gel: Kinetics and thermodynamicsThomas, Raina; Anirudhan, T SIJCT Vol.06(5) [September 1999]268-275
Reducing iron content in crude phosphoric acid by potassium ferrocyanideHanna, A AIJCT Vol.06(5) [September 1999]276-279
Synthesis and characterization of epoxy resins containing zinc chloridePandey, Saurabh; Srivastava, A KIJCT Vol.06(6) [November 1999]313-316
Synthesis and characterization of poly (ortho-anisidine) using quinolinium fluorochromate (QFC) [C9H7NH(CrO3F)] as an oxidizing agentDubey, Shipra; Singh, Dan; Misra, R AIJCT Vol.06(5) [September 1999]288-293