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Phylogenetic Appraisal of the Drug Bearing Marine Sponge, Callyspongia subarmigera (Ridley, 1884) from South IndiaAishwarya, M. S.; Lipton, A. P.; Sarika, A. R.IJMS Vol.42(1) [February 2013]139-145
Isolation and characterization of organic solvent stable protease from alkaliphilic marine Saccharopolyspora speciesRaut, G R; Chakraborty, S; Chopade, B A; Kokare, C RIJMS Vol.42(1) [February 2013]131-138
Production of biogenic Silver nanoparticles using Sargassum longifolium and its applicationsDevi, J. Saraniya; Bhimba, B. Valentin; Peter, D. MageshIJMS Vol.42(1) [February 2013]125-130
Elevated levels of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids highlight the nutritional value of Ulva covalengensis, a marine dietary alga found in south India.Vidyashankar, S; Krupanidhi, SIJMS Vol.42(1) [February 2013]120-124
Marine fungi from India - XII. A revised check listBorse, B. D.; Borse, K. N.; Pawar, N. S.; Tuwar, A. R.IJMS Vol.42(1) [February 2013]110-119
Variation of total phenolic content, flavonoid and radical scavenging activity of Ipomoea pes-caprae with respect to harvesting time and locationBanerjee, Deepanjan; Hazra, Alok K; Chakraborti, Shrabana; Ray, Jharna; Mukherjee, Anandadev; Mukherjee, BiswapatiIJMS Vol.42(1) [February 2013]106-109
Chemometrics data analysis of marine water quality in Maharashtra, west coast of IndiaGupta, Indrani; Salunkhe, Abhaysinh; Rohra, Nanda; Kumar, RakeshIJMS Vol.42(1) [February 2013]97-105
Floral and microbial dynamics in relation to the Physico-chemical constituents of the Devi-estuary of Odisha Coast of the Bay of Bengal, IndiaSahu, S.C.; Sahoo, K.; Jee, Pravas Kumar; Dhal, N.K.IJMS Vol.42(1) [February 2013]90-96
A new record of Scylla ovacea (Dcapoda, Bachyura, Prtunidae) from Goa, central west coast of India – A comparative diagnosisPadate, Vinay P.; Rivonker, Chandrashekher U.; Anil, A.C.IJMS Vol.42(1) [February 2013]82-89
Observations on the utilization of the biochemical constituents during maturation of the butterfish Scatophagus argus (L.1766) from Palk Bay, south east coast of IndiaVenkatesan, V.; Gandhi, V.; Zacharia, P.U.IJMS Vol.42(1) [February 2013]75-81
Ant foraging on extrafloral nectaries [EFNs] of Ipomoea pes-caprae (Convolvulaceae) in the dune vegetation: Ants as potential antiherbivore agentsMondal, Amal Kumar; Chakraborty, Tamal; Mondal (Parui), SanjuktaIJMS Vol.42(1) [February 2013]67-74
Climate changes influence the phytoplankton bloom (prymnesiophyceae: phaeocystis spp.) in North Andaman coastal regionSachithanandam, V.; Mohan, P. M.; Karthik, R.; Elangovan, S. Sai; Padmavathi, G.IJMS Vol.42(1) [February 2013]58-66
Is there impact of climate change on biological productivity in the Indian OceanChaturvedi, Neera; Shah, Meghal; Jasrai, Ajai & YIJMS Vol.42(1) [February 2013]50-57
A 2-D Hybrid particle tracking/Eulerian-lagrangian model for oil spill problemsMoghaddam A, A. Attari; Dabir, B.IJMS Vol.42(1) [February 2013]42-49
Texture and environmental radioactivity measurements of Safaga sand dunesEl-Taher, A.; Madkour, H. A.IJMS Vol.42(1) [February 2013]35-41
The effect of lead toxicity on embryonic development and early larval growth of the Echinometra mathaei sea urchin (Persian Gulf), morphologic and morphometric studiesGhorani, V.; Shahri, N. Mahdavi; Ghassemzadeh, F.; Mortazavi, M.S.IJMS Vol.42(1) [February 2013]29-34
Comprehensive Extraction of Agar and R-Phycoerythrin from Gracilaria lemaneiformis (Bangiales, Rhodophyta)Niu, Jianfeng; Xu, Meiling; Wang, Guangce; Zhang, Kaiyue; Peng, GuangIJMS Vol.42(1) [February 2013]21-28
Metal content of seaweeds in the vicinity of acid mine drainage in Amlwch, North Wales, U.K.Jadeja, R. N.; Batty, LesleyIJMS Vol.42(1) [February 2013]16-20
Isolation and Characterization of PhotosystemComplex from Red Alga Porphyra haitanesisLi, Ying Xia; Wang, Guang Ce; Niu, Jian Feng; Gao, Zheng Quan; Chen, Chang ShengIJMS Vol.42(1) [February 2013]11-15
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19