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Evaluation of submarine model test in towing tank and comparison with CFD and experimental formulas for fully submerged resistanceMoonesun, Mohammad; Javadi, Mehran; Charmdooz, Pejman; Mikhailovich, Karol UriIJMS Vol.42(8) [December 2013]1049-1056
Preliminary analysis on generated jet pressure from ionic polymer composite actuated radial contraction using balloon manometry techniqueMuhammad, Farid S.; Samad, Z.; Husaini, A.B.; Arshad, M.R.; Mahzan, S.IJMS Vol.42(8) [December 2013]1023-1027
Adaptive tracking control scheme for an autonomous underwater vehicle subject to a union of boundariesIsmail, Zool Hilmi; Mokhar, Mohd Bazli MohdIJMS Vol.42(8) [December 2013]999-1005
Drag force acting on the biomimetic flow sensor based artificial hair cell using CFD simulationNawi, Mohd Norzaidi Mat; Manaf, Asrulnizam Abd; Arshad, Mohd Rizal; Sidek, OthmanIJMS Vol.42(8) [December 2013]980-986
Polymorphism analysis of mitochondrial DNA control region of hawksbill turtles (Eretmochelys Imbricata) in the Persian GulfNezhad, Seyed Reza Kazemi; Modheji, Elham; Zolgharnein, HusseinIJMS Vol.42(3) [June 2013]300-303
Capacitive effect of coplanar electrodes partially outside the microchannel region for underwater microfluidic-based sensorRahman, M.F.A.; Manaf, A.A.; Arshad, M.R.IJMS Vol.42(8) [December 2013]987-991
Spatio-temporal variations in biochemical composition, condition index and percentage edibility of the clam, Paphia malabarica (Chemnitz) from estuarine regions of GoaNagvenkar, S S; Jagtap, T GIJMS Vol.42(6) [October 2013]786-793
Force analysis of underwater object with supercavitation evolutionKhoo, B C; Zheng, J GIJMS Vol.42(8) [December 2013]957-963
A study on the swimming pattern of legged underwater robotKim, Daehyun; Lee, JihongIJMS Vol.42(8) [December 2013]1006-1012
Modeling and motion control of a hybrid-driven underwater gliderIsa, Khalid; Arshad, M. R.IJMS Vol.42(8) [December 2013]971-979