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Nitrogen dioxide formation at ambient temperatureVerma, S SIJCT Vol.09(2) [March 2002]159-164
Activated carbon from parthenium as adsorbent: Adsorption of Hg(II) from aqueous solutionKadirvelu, K; Sivasankari, C; Jambuligam, M; Pattabhi, SIJCT Vol.09(6) [November 2002]499-503
Solvent extraction separation of palladium(II) with 2-oxo-4' -hydroxyphenylacetaldehyde oximeUtekar, Shilpa S; Jadhav, SB; Malve, SPIJCT Vol.09(5) [September 2002]424-427
Effect of transition metal cations and anions on the production of citric acid by Aspergillus nigerAngumeenal, AR; Kamalakannan, P; Prabhu, H J; Venkappayya, DIJCT Vol.09(6) [November 2002]508-512
Basic dye adsorption on a low cost carbonaceous sorbent- Kinetic and equilibrium studiesInbaraj, B Stephen; Sulochana, NIJCT Vol.09(3) [May 2002]201-208
Complexometric determination of palladium(II) using 2-mercapto propionyl glycine as demasking agentShetty, Prakash; Shetty, A Nityananda; Gadag, R VIJCT Vol.09(2) [March 2002]127-129
The phosphine oxides Cyanex-921, Cyanex-923 and Cyanex-925 as extractants for Pb(II) from aqueous mediaIyer, J N; Pawar, S D; Dhadke, P MIJCT Vol.09(3) [May 2002]251-255
Albumin test strip for quick detection of albuminuria in humanSharma, Sandeep K; Bala, Madhu; Tulsani, N B; Sehgal, Neeta; Kumar, AshokIJCT Vol.09(6) [November 2002]496-498
Removal of heavy metal ions using novel polystyrene supported chelating polymer resinsReddy, A Ravikumar; Reddy, K HussainIJCT Vol.09(2) [March 2002]97-102
Heat Radiation Law — From Newton to StefanWisniak, JaimeIJCT Vol.09(6) [November 2002]545-555