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Multiple functions of photosystem IIRensen, Jack J S van; Curwiel, Victor BIJBB Vol.37(6) [December 2000]377-382
An insight into the assembly and organization of Photosystem I complex in thylakoid membranes of the thermophilic cyanobacterium, Mastigocladus laminosus Lushy, Amit; He, Zengyong; Fish, Alex; Darash-Yahana, Merav; Minai, Limor; Verchovsky, Liliya; Michaeli, Dorit; Nechushtai, RachelIJBB Vol.37(6) [December 2000]405-417
Conformational features of a hexapeptide model Ac-TGAAKA-NH2 corresponding to a hydrated α helical segment from Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase role of turns in helix foldingSasidhar, Y U; Ramakrishna, VIJBB Vol.37(1) [February 2000]34-44
Two mechanisms of nonactin mediated K+ ion transport across phospholipid vesicular membranesPrabhananda, B S; Kombrabail, Mamata HIJBB Vol.37(5) [October 2000]283-293
Succinate oxidase and fumarate reductase systems of filarial parasite Setaria digitataUnnikrishnan, L S; Raj, R KaleysaIJBB Vol.37(2) [April 2000]130-134
Conformational features of reduced and disulfide intact forms of hen egg white lysozyme in aqueous solution in presence of 3-chloro-1, 2-propanediol and dioxane: Implications for protein folding intermediatesSasidhar, Y U; Prabha, C RatnaIJBB Vol.37(2) [April 2000]97-106
Calcium-mediated conversion of sucrose to starch in relation to the activities of amylases and sucrose-metabolizing enzymes in sorghum grains raised through liquid cultureBhatia, Surekha; Singh, RangilIJBB Vol.37(2) [April 2000]135-139
Glutaraldehyde cross-linking of lectins to marker enzymes: Protection of binding site by specific sugarsAppukuttan, P S; Chacko, Balu K; Geetha, M; Annamma, K I; Mathai, JaisyIJBB Vol.37(2) [April 2000]77-80
Photoisomerization of retinoic acid and its influence on regulation of human keratinocyte growth and differentiationKunchala, Sridhar Rao; Suzuki, Takakaju; Murayama, AkiraIJBB Vol.37(2) [April 2000]71-76
Purification and characterization of an organ specific haemorrhagic toxin from Vipera russelli russelli (Russell's viper) venomKole, Labanyamoy; Chakrabarty, Dibakar; Datta, Kausiki; Bhattacharyya, DebasishIJBB Vol.37(2) [April 2000]114-120