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Effect of myo-inositol(1,4,5)trisphosphate on the hydrolysis of phytic acid by phytasePadmanabhan, Usha; Dasgupta, Shashiprabha; Biswas, B B; Dasgupta, DipakIJBB Vol.38(1-2) [February-April 2001]53-55
Recognition of cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) active site by NSAIDs: A computer modelling studyKothekar, V; Sahi, S; Srinivasan, M; Mohan, A; Mishra, JIJBB Vol.38(1-2) [February-April 2001]56-63
Molecular modelling of MHC class I carbohydratesMandal, Tarun K; Mukhopadhyay, ChaitaliIJBB Vol.38(1-2) [February-April 2001]96-103
Characterization of high temperature induced stress impairments in thylakoids of rice seedlingsVani, B; Saradhi, P Pardha; Mohanty, PrasannaIJBB Vol.38(4) [August 2001]220-229
Heterogeneity of transport systems for L-glutamine in mouse mammary glandSharma, Rekha; Kansal, Vinod KIJBB Vol.38(4) [August 2001]241-248
Peptidyl transferase activity of tRNA: A quantum chemical studyBhattacharyya, Dhananjay; Das, Gourab Kanti; Burma, Debi PrasadIJBB Vol.38(1-2) [February-April 2001]48-52
Multiple isoforms of protein kinase C in lymphocytes and airway smooth muscle of guinea pigFatma, Sumbul; Mushinski, J Frederic; Bansal, Surendra KumarIJBB Vol.38(4) [August 2001]280-284
A unique group of self-splicing introns in bacteriophage T4Khan, Asad U; Ajamaluddin, Malik; Ahmad, MasoodIJBB Vol.38(5) [October 2001]289-293
Effect of aflatoxin B1 on phosphoinositide signal transduction pathway during regeneration of liver cells following partial hepatectomyMistry, K J; Krishna, M; Bhattacharya, R KIJBB Vol.38(4) [August 2001]270-273
An alternative approach for screening active Bam HI variants: Overexpression in T-7 RNA polymerase based systemAcharya, Asha S; Roy, Kunal BIJBB Vol.38(5) [October 2001]303-308