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Poultry-NPR Vol.1(4) [July-August 2002]25
Ayurvedic Tips-NPR Vol.1(4) [July-August 2002]35
Silviculture and Tannin-NPR Vol.1(4) [July-August 2002]26
Tissue Culture-NPR Vol.1(4) [July-August 2002]34
Cosmetics and Floristics-NPR Vol.1(4) [July-August 2002]20
Mineral and Oil/Fat-NPR Vol.1(4) [July-August 2002]24
Agrotechnique, Beverage and Condiment-NPR Vol.1(4) [July-August 2002]18-19
Fuel, Gum, Insecticide/Pesticide and Livestock-NPR Vol.1(4) [July-August 2002]22-23
Food-NPR Vol.1(4) [July-August 2002]21
Heena, Harda, Catechu and Babool for Textile dyeing Vankar, Dr Padma S.NPR Vol.1(4) [July-August 2002]15-17