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Special issue on Bioinorganic Chemistry
Guest Editors: Prof Shyamalava Mazumdar, Prof Rabindranath Mukherjee & Prof Chebrolu Pulla Rao

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Structural basis for preferential Ca2+-displacement by a paramagnetic ion (Ce3+) in non-myristoylated neuronal calcium sensor-1Chandra, Kousik; Susmitha, A L; Sharma, Y; Chary, K V RIJC-A Vol.50A(03-04) [March-April 2011]539-547
Chromium(III) mediated conformational changes associated with alterations in the enzymatic activity of BSA: Influence of the coordinated ligandRaja, Natesasn Sella; Shrivastava, H Yamini; Nair, Balachandran UnniIJC-A Vol.50A(03-04) [March-April 2011]531-538
Photocytotoxicity and DNA photocleavage activity of La(III) and Gd(III) complexes of phenanthroline basesHussain, Akhtar; Saha, Sounik; Majumdar, Ritankar; Dighe, Rajan R; Chakravarty, Akhil RIJC-A Vol.50A(03-04) [March-April 2011]519-530
A comparative study of third-order optical nonlinearity of symmetrical dipolar chromogenic probes and their enhancement by different metal ionsJana, Atanu; Lim, Jong Min; Park, Sun Woo; Kim, Dongho; Bharadwaj, Parimal KIJC-A Vol.50A(03-04) [March-April 2011]511-518
Density functional theory investigations of the catalytic mechanism of -carbonic anhydraseHakkim, V; Rajapandian, V; Subramanian, VIJC-A Vol.50A(03-04) [March-April 2011]503-510
Density functional theory calculations on Fe2S2 clusters: Effect of ligand environment on geometric/electronic structure and reduction potentialDey, AbhishekIJC-A Vol.50A(03-04) [March-April 2011]498-502
Cobalt hexamine trichloride induced toroidal condensation of FtsZKuchibhatla, Anuradha; Bellare, Jayesh; Panda, DulalIJC-A Vol.50A(03-04) [March-April 2011]491-497
Bidentate coordination behaviour of a potentially tridentate ligand. A mononuclear four-coordinate Ni(II) complex supported by two o-iminobenzosemiquinonato unitsMukherjee, Atasi; Mukherjee, RabindranathIJC-A Vol.50A(03-04) [March-April 2011]484-490
Synthesis, structure and anticancer activity of copper(II) complexes of N-benzyl-2-(diethylamino)acetamide and 2-(diethylamino)-N-phenylethylacetamideSingh, Amit P; Kaushik, Nagendra K; Verma, Akhilesh K; Gupta, RajeevIJC-A Vol.50A(03-04) [March-April 2011]474-483
Copper(I) complexes of modified nucleobases and vitamin B3 as potential chemotherapeutic agents: In vitro and in vivo studiesSanghamitra, N J M; Adwankar, M K; Juvekar, A S; Khurajjam, V; Wycliff, C; Samuelson, A GIJC-A Vol.50A(03-04) [March-April 2011]465-473
Catalytic oxidation of benzene by mononuclear copper(II) complexes with a bis(imidazolyl)methane ligandGoto, Mana; Kajita, Yuji; Masuda, HidekiIJC-A Vol.50A(03-04) [March-April 2011]459-464
A phosphorus-supported coumarin-containing ligand as a fluorescence probe for detection of Cu(II) and Ag(I) ionsChandrasekhar, Vadapalli; Pandey, Mrituanjay D; Das, Biswanath; Mahanti, Bani; Senapati, TapasIJC-A Vol.50A(03-04) [March-April 2011]453-458
Effect of -lactamase-catalyzed hydrolysis of cephalosporins on peroxynitrite-mediated nitration of serum albumin and cytochrome cJakka, Surendar Reddy; Mugesh, GovindasamyIJC-A Vol.50A(03-04) [March-April 2011]447-452
Interaction of gammaxene with site specific mutants of cytochrome P450camSen, Saptaswa; Manna, Soumen Kanti; Mazumdar, ShyamalavaIJC-A Vol.50A(03-04) [March-April 2011]438-446
Synthesis, structure and properties of a high-spin Fe(III) porphyrin with non-equivalent axial ligands: Implications for the hemoproteinsChaudhary, Arvind; Patra, Ranjan; Rath, Sankar PrasadIJC-A Vol.50A(03-04) [March-April 2011]432-437
Oxidation of dibenzothiophene by mononuclear non-heme iron complexes: A biomimetic approach for oxidative desulphurizationVardhaman, Anil Kumar; Sikdar, Subhajit; Sastri, Chivukula VIJC-A Vol.50A(03-04) [March-April 2011]427-431
Iron(II)-catecholate complexes of a monoanionic facial N3 ligand: Structural and functional models of the extradiol cleaving catechol dioxygenasesParia, Sayantan; Halder, Partha; Chakraborty, Biswarup; Paine, Tapan KantiIJC-A Vol.50A(03-04) [March-April 2011]420-426
Moving iron in ferritin: Leucine 154, a residue near Fe(III) during mineral buildup minimizes mineral dissolutionHaldar, Suranjana; Tosha, Takehiko; Theil, Elizabeth CIJC-A Vol.50A(03-04) [March-April 2011]414-419
Perchlorate reduction to chloride by the dimolybdenum(II) core: Making a case for molybdenum cofactor in the perchlorate reductase enzymeMajumdar, Moumita; Bera, Jitendra KIJC-A Vol.50A(03-04) [March-April 2011]409-413
Hydrosulfido molybdenum(V) complexes in relevance to xanthine oxidaseMitra, Joyee; Sarkar, SabyasachiIJC-A Vol.50A(03-04) [March-April 2011]401-408
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 25