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Assessment of Current Trends in R&D of Chitin-Based Technologies in Agricultural Production-Consumption Systems using Patent AnalyticsSastry, Kalpana R; Shrivastava, Anshul; Venkateshwarlu, GJIPR Vol.20(1) [January 2015]19-38
Use of natural carotenoids for pigmentation in fishesGupta, S K; Jha, A K; Pal, A K; Venkateshwarlu, GNPR Vol.6(1) [January-February 2007]46-49
Charge transfer complexes of anilines-DDQ: A kinetic studyKumar, T Vinod; Veeraiah, T; Venkateshwarlu, GIJC-A Vol.40A(05) [May 2001]466-469
Extractive spectrophotometric methods for determination of terbinafine hydrochloride in pharmaceutical formulations using some acidic triphenylmethane dyesChennaiah, M; Veeraiah, T; Kumar, T Vinod; Venkateshwarlu, GIJCT Vol.19(3) [May 2012]218-221
Molecular complexes of anilines with DDQKumar, T Vinod; Singh, T Charan; Venkateshwarlu, GIJC-A Vol.40A(06) [June 2001]622-625
Molecular complexes of DDQ with NbenzylideneanilinesKumar, T Vinod; Singh, T Charan; Veeraiah, T; Venkateshwarlu, GIJC-A Vol.40A(08) [August 2001]880-882
Molecular complexes of paraquat and chloranil with phenylhydrazonesSingh, T Charan; Rao, P Venkateshwar; Veeraiah, T; Venkateshwarlu, GIJC-A Vol.42A(07) [July 2003]1666-1670
Molecular complexes of paraquat with sodium phenolatesSingh, T Charan; Kumar, T Vinod; Venkateshwarlu, GIJC-A Vol.38A(04) [April 1999]331-334
Molecular complexes of paraquat with sodium purinatesAnjaiah, G; Veeraiah, T; Venkateshwarlu, GIJC-A Vol.42A(11) [November 2003]2781-2783
Molecular complexes of TCNE with phenolsShantha, M; Suresh, T; Venkateshwarlu, GIJC-A Vol.37A(12) [December 1998]1119-1122
Nutritive investigation of plants used in dietetics: with special reference to YogaMangal, AK; Shantha, TR; Patchaimal, P; Tewari, Devesh; Reddy, M Prathapa; Kumar, R Kishore; Bharti, Vandana; Venkateshwarlu, G; Srikanth, N; Dhiman, KSIJTK Vol.16(Suppl) [June 2017]53-59
Plants traditionally used in fish harvest & angling potential feed attractants in aquacultureVenkateshwarlu, G; Muralidhar, A P; Rathod, Ramesh; Pal, A KIJTK Vol.8(4) [October 2009]539-542
Spectrophotometric determination of drugs with iodineKaruna, T; Neelima, K; Venkateshwarlu, G; Swamy, P YadagiriJSIR Vol.65(10) [October 2006]808-811