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Accuracy of Short-Term Noise Monitoring Strategy in Comparison to Long-Term Noise Monitoring StrategyTiwari, S K; Kumaraswamidhas, L A; Garg, NIJPAP Vol.59(08) [August 2021]569-576
Cobalt(II), Nickel(II), Copper(II) & Chromium (III) Complexes with Trimethylolethane TrithioglycolatePrakash, R; Singh, Durgendra; Tiwari, S KIJC-A Vol.22A(08) [August 1983]714-715
Effect of some rare earth additives on corrosion of aluminium bronze in HCI solutionSingh, Ravindra N; Verma, N; Tiwari, S K; Singh, W RIJCT Vol.01(2) [March 1994]103-107
Electrocatalytic properties of La-manganites prepared by low temperature synthesisSharma, T; Singh, N K; Tiwari, S K; Singh, R NIJEMS Vol.05(1) [February 1998]38-42
Electrocatalytic properties of lanthanum manganite-based oxides obtained by a low temperature methodJain, A N; Tiwari, S K; Singh, R NIJC-A Vol.37A(02) [February 1998]125-129
Formation of polyantimonic acid and α-zirconium phosphate in perfluoro ionomer membraneTiwari, S K; Agarwal, Y K; Nema, S KIJEMS Vol.07(1) [February 2000]35-39
Growth and characterization of copper, indium and copper-indium alloy films non-aqueous method of electrodepositionKumar, S R; Prajapati, B; Tiwari, S K; Tiwari, V KIJPAP Vol.46(3) [March 2008]198-203
In vitro propagation of Lagerstromia parviflora Roxb. from adult treeTiwari, S K; Kashyap, M K; Ujjaini, M M; Agrawal, A PIJEB Vol.40(02) [February 2002]212-215
Influence of substitution of Ru on the electrocatalytic properties of the perovskite-type LaSrNiO₄ electrode towards methanol oxidationSingh, R N; Singh, A; Anindita; Mishra, D; Tiwari, S K; Gunjan, M KIJCA Vol.47A(8) [August 2008]1187-1193
Kinetics & Mechanism of Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide Catalysed by Co2+ Adsorbed on AluminaTiwari, S K; Singh, Ravindra NIJC-A Vol.26A(12) [December 1987]1044-1045
Kinetics & Mechanism of Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide Catalysed by Cu2+ & Cu(NH3) Adsorbed on AluminaTiwari, S K; Singh, Ravindra NIJC-A Vol.26A(05) [May 1987]420-423
Mechanism of electroreduction of oxygen on thin Co3O4 and NiCo2O4 filmsSingh, Ravindra N; Tiwari, S K; Chartier, PIJC-A Vol.29A(09) [September 1990]837-840
Preparation and Characterization of Penta Alkyds Based on Mahua OilTiwari, Sangeeta; Saxena, Mohini; Tiwari, S KJSIR Vol.61(02) [February 2002]110-116
Study of hygrothermal ageing on properties of polyester / glass compositesAnand, Dhiraj; Bedi, Raman; Chandra, Rakesh; Tiwari, S KJSIR Vol.69(03) [March 2010]204-207
Synthesis and anti-inflammatory activity of some new indole and indazole derivativesAmir, Mohd; Dhar, Nirmal; Tiwari, S KIJC-B Vol.36B(01) [January 1997]96-98
Synthesis and characterization of hypervalent organosilicon compoundsSingh, M S; Bhagwat, V W; Raju, M David; Tiwari, S KIJC-A Vol.38A(07) [July 1999]716-719