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Effect of Buffers on Excited State Prototropic Equilibria of BenzimidazoleSwaminathan, M; Dogra, S KIJC-A Vol.22A(05) [May 1983]407-408
Effect of Solvents & pH on Absorption & Fluorescence Spectra of PyrazolesSwaminathan, M; Dogra, S KIJC-A Vol.22A(10) [October 1983]853-857
An efficient, rapid and solvent-free synthesis of branched imines using sulfated anatase-titania as a novel solid acid catalystKumar, A; Krishnakumar, B; Sobral, Abilio J F N; Subash, B; Swaminathan, M; Sankaran, K RIJC-B Vol.55B(10) [October 2016]1231-1238
Luminescence characteristics of 1,1'-binaphthyl- 4,4'-diol in different solvents and at various pHNayaki, S Kothai; Swaminathan, MIJC-A Vol.39A(06) [June 2000]634-638
Luminescence characteristics of 4,4'- dihydroxybiphenyl in different solvents and at various pHNayaki, S Kothai; Swaminathan, MIJC-A Vol.36A(08) [August 1997]701-704
Mineralization of genotoxic Acid Violet 7 by AgBr-ZnO under alkaline conditions using direct sunlightKrishnakumar, B; Velmurugan, R; Subash, B; Swaminathan, MIJC-A Vol.51A(04) [April 2012]580-585
Novel Fe encapsulated montmorillonite K10 clay for photo-Fenton mineralization of Acid Yellow 17Muthuvel, I; Krishnakumar, B; Swaminathan, MIJC-A Vol.51A(06) [June 2012]800-806
Photocatalytic activity of natural clay Bentonite supported ZnWO4Ida, G; Thirumalai, K; Swaminathan, M; Easwaramoorthy, DIJC-A Vol.58A(06) [June 2019]637-644
Photocatalytic destruction of an organic dye, Acid Red 73 in aqueous ZnO suspension using UV light energyNilamadanthai, A; Sobana, N; Subash, B; Swaminathan, M; Shanthi, MIJC-A Vol.52A(01) [January 2013]63-67
Photoluminescence of 2-hydroxybiphenyl and its methyl derivativeKalaiyarasan, K; Rajendiran, N; Swaminathan, MIJC-A Vol.33A(04) [April 1994]335-337
Photophysical behaviour of 4,4' -dihydroxydiphenyl sulphoneRajendiran, N; Swaminathan, MIJC-A Vol.35A(05) [May 1996]385-389
Solvatochromism and proton transfer kinetics of 1,5- and 1,7-naphthalenediols in the excited singlet state: A study by electronic spectraRajendiran, N; Radha, N; Swaminathan, MIJC-A Vol.40A(04) [April 2001]331-339
Solvatochromism and prototropism of diphenylamine and N-methyldiphenylamine: A comparative study by electronic spectraKothainayaki, S; Arumugam, V; Swaminathan, MIJC-A Vol.30A(08) [August 1991]665-669
Solvent Effect & Excited' State Proton Transfer Studies on 4,5- DiphenylimidazoleSwaminathan, M; Dogra, S KIJC-A Vol.22A(04) [April 1983]278-281
Solar photocatalytic treatment of gelatin industry effluent: Performance of pilot scale reactor with suspended TiO2 and supported TiO2Velmurugan, R; Subash, B; Krishnakumar, B; Selvam, K; Swaminathan, MIJCT Vol.23(2) [March 2016]139-145
Synthesis and electronic spectral characterization of conducting benzidine copolymersMuruganandham, M; Swaminathan, MIJC-A Vol.41A(07) [July 2002]1346-1348
UV-A/solar light induced Fenton mineralization of Acid Red 1 using Fe modified bentonite compositeMuthuvel, I; Krishnakumar, B; Swaminathan, MIJC-A Vol.53A(06) [June 2014]672-678