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Apparatus for measurement of thermal expansion of building and insulating materialsVerma, V V; Suman, B MIJEMS Vol.07(4) [August 2000]200-202
Development of an apparatus for determining thermal conductance of building and insulating materialsSuman, B M; Verma, V VIJEMS Vol.10(1) [February 2003]33-36
Effect of moisture on heat flow through homogeneous and composite building sectionsSuman, B M; Agarwal, K N; Gupta, D CIJEMS Vol.03(6) [December 1996]239-242
Effect of Waterproof Insulation on Thermal Design of Residential Building—A Case StudyVerma, V V; Suman, B M; Agarwal, K NJSIR Vol.60(10) [October 2001]806-811
An estimation of correlation on thermo-acoustic properties of mineral woolSrivastava, R K; Dhabal, R L; Suman, B M; Saini, Anuj; Panchal, PoonamJSIR Vol.65(03) [March 2006]232-236
Influence of thermal insulation on conductive heat transfer through roof ceiling constructionSuman, B M; Srivastava, R KJSIR Vol.68(3) [March 2009]248-251
Measured Performance of a Reflective Thermal Coating in Experimental RoomsSuman, B M; Verma, V VJSIR Vol.62(12) [December 2003]1152-1157
Moisture Influence in Building for Thermal Comfort in Hot Humid RegionSuman, B M; Agarwal, K N; Verma, V VJSIR Vol.59(03) [March 2000]229-234
Periodic and transient heat flow through building sectionSuman, B M; Agarwal, K N; Gupta, DCIJEMS Vol.04(6) [December 1997]261-265
Transient temperature distribution in homogeneous and composite materialsSuman, B M; Agarwal, K N; Gupta, D CIJEMS Vol.05(5) [October 1998]302-306