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Antimicrobial activity of 1-[p{3'-(2'-aryl- 4-oxo-1',3'-thiazolyl)} diphenyl]/[3'-(2'-aryl-4-oxo-1',3'-thiazolyl)]-2-phenyl- 4-cyclohexylidene imidazol-5-onesBishnoi, Abha; Srivastava, Krishna; Tripathi, C K MIJC-B Vol.45B(09) [September 2006]2136-2139
Design, synthesis and characterization of novel substituted pyrazol-azetidin-2-one derivatives for their antimicrobial activitySrivastava, Krishna; Singh, Raj Bahadur; Tiwari, Ram Prakash; Srivastava, JyotiIJC Vol.62(02) [Feb 2023]163-168
Electrochemistry of binary and mixed-ligand copper(II) complexes with pyrazine and dicyanamide bridging ligands in aqueous mediumPrakash, Ved; Srivastava, Krishna; Prasad, JagdishIJC-A Vol.56A(06) [June 2017]585-591
Molecular orbital, spectroscopic, first order hyperpolarizability and NBO analysis of aryl-substituted 5-(benzylidine) thiazolidine-2,4-dionesFatma, Shaheen; Parveen, Huda; Bishnoi, Abha; Verma, Anil Kumar; Srivastava, KrishnaIJPAP Vol.56(07) [July 2018]491-508
Synthesis and characterization of new thiazole involving isatin for studying their antimicrobial activitySrivastava, Krishna; Lakhmani, Deepa; Srivasatava, Jyoti; Singh, Raj BahadurIJC-B Vol.59B(04) [April 2020]485-487
Synthesis, characterization and in vitro anti-JEV activity of N-[p-{3'-(2'-aryl-4'-oxo-1',3'-thiazolyl)} diphenyl]-7-hydroxy-4-methyl-2-oxoquinolinesBishnoi, Abha; Srivastava, Krishna; Joshi, M NIJC-B Vol.45B(08) [August 2006]1961-1964
X-Ray K-Absorption Spectral Investigations of Some Cobalt(II) Complexes with Triphenylphosphine & Triphenylphosphine OxideAwasthi, P K; Srivastava, B D; Srivastava, Krishna; Prasad, JIJC-A Vol.28A(04) [April 1989]305-308