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Accurate estimation of start oscillation current for maximum output power in 42 GHz, 200 kW gyrotronKhatun, Hasina; Rao, Reddy R; Sinha, A K; Joshi, Sri NiwasIJPAP Vol.49(11) [November 2011]776-781
Degradation of Indian wetlands and their restorution optionsSrivastava, N K; Ram, L C; Sinha, A KBVAAP Vol.15(2) [December 2007]164-166
Development of low energy radioactive ion beam facility at NSCDas, J J; Sugathan, P; Madhavan, N; Varughese, T; Rao, P V Madhusudhana; Zacharia, Jimson; Jhingan, Akhil; Nath, Subir; Sinha, A K; Singh, RIJPAP Vol.39(01-02) [January-February 2001]20-24
Diurnal and seasonal variation in Pc4 occurrence at low latitudes in IndiaAnsari, I A; Nafees, K A; Khan, M T; Sinha, A K; Pathan, B MIJRSP Vol.38(4) [August 2009]197-207
Effect of odd-even vehicular restrictions on ambient noise levels at ten sites in Delhi cityGarg, N; Sinha, A K; Gandhi, V; Bhardwaj, R M; Akolkar, A BIJPAP Vol.55(09) [September 2017]687-692
Fibre Shredding in Needle-Punched Jute Non-WovensSengupta, A K; Sinha, A K; Debnath, C RIJFTR Vol.10(3) [September 1985]97-99
High voltage analysis of electron gun for low power and high power gyrotronSingh, Udaybir; Sharma, Manoj Kumar; Singal, Kapil; Kumar, Narendra; Kumar, Nitin; Kumar, Anil; Sinha, A KIJPAP Vol.51(10) [October 2013]728-735
Information management in 21st century- New Trends and TechnologySinha, A KALIS Vol.39(3) [September 1992]106-112
Measurement of Punching Force During Needling of Jute Non-WovensSengupta, A K; Sinha, A K; Debnath, C RIJFTR Vol.10(4) [December 1985]152-154
Needle-Punched Non-Woven Jute Floor Coverings: Part I-Influence of Fibre and Process Variables on Tensile Properties of FabricsSengupta, A K; Sinha, A K; Debnath, C RIJFTR Vol.10(3) [September 1985]91-96
Needle-Punched Non-Woven Jute Floor Coverings: Part II-Dynamic Loading Behaviour and Abrasion ResistanceSengupta, A K; Sinha, A K; Debnath, C RIJFTR Vol.10(4) [December 1985]141-146
Needle-Punched Non-Woven Jute Floor Coverings: Part III-Air Permeability and Thermal ConductivitySengupta, A K; Sinha, A K; Debnath, C RIJFTR Vol.10(4) [December 1985]147-151
A New Method of Measuring Fibre Transfer In Needle-Punched FabricsSengupta, A K; Sinha, A K; Debnath, C RIJFTR Vol.10(4) [December 1985]191-192
Properties of Jute/Polypropylene Blended Yarns Texturized by Sodium Hydroxide SolutionSinha, A K; Mathew, M D; Roy, DIJFTR Vol.13(1) [March 1988]26-30
Quasi-elastic scattering measurements of the 28Si + 142Nd system at back-angleBiswas, Saumyajit; Chakraborty, A; Jhingan, A; Arora, D; Behera, B R; Biswas, Rohan; Deb, Nabendu Kumar; Ghugre, S S; Giri, Pankaj K; Golda, K S; Kaur, G; Kumar, A; Kumar, M; Mukherjee, B; Nayak, B K; Parihari, A; Rai, N K; Rai, S; Raut, R; Sahu, Rudra N; Sinha, A KIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]409-414
Reclamation of overburden and lowland in coal mining area with fly ash and selected plantation: A sustainable ecological approachSinha, A K; Srivastava, N K; Ram, L CBVAAP Vol.22(1) [June 2014]11-20
Removal of phosphorus from aqueous solution using lignite fly ashSinha, A K; Singh, Smriti; Masto, R E; Verma, Ravi; Anguselvi, V A; Ram, L CBVAAP Vol.19(2) [December 2011]183-187
Removal of sub-micron size and dilute turbidity from service water by application of an electrochemical carbon filterVenkateswaran, G; Kumbhar, A G; Gokhale, B K; Balaji, V; Sarangi, N K; Sinha, A K; Gupta, M D P; Jawale, S BIJCT Vol.19(1) [January 2012]37-47
Solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling: Pi2 observationsSinha, A K; Vohat, P; Pathan, B MIJRSP Vol.39(5) [October 2010]257-264
A search for precursors of earthquakes from multi-station ULF observations and TEC measurements in IndiaChauhan, Vishal; Singh, O P; Pandey, Uma; Singh, Birbal; Arrora, B R; Rawat, Gautam; Pathan, B M; Sinha, A K; Sharma, A K; Patil, A VIJRSP Vol.41(5) [October 2012]543-556