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Ameliorative effect of daidzein: A caveolin-1 inhibitor in vascular endothelium dysfunction induced by ovariectomySharma, Saurabh; Singh, Manjeet; Sharma, Pyare LalIJEB Vol.50(01) [January 2012]28-34
Design and development of instrumentation network for landslide monitoring andMittal, S K; Singh, Manjeet; Kapur, Parkhi; Sharma, B K; Shamshi, M AJSIR Vol.67(5) [May 2008]361-365
Design and development of Multi Parameter Probe (MPP) to measure temperature and hardness inside snow microstructureMittal, S K; Singh, Manjeet; Garg, R K; Sharma, B KJSIR Vol.67(6) [June 2008]428-431
Design of an Innovative Tractor-Operated Seeder for Mat Type Paddy NurseryModi, Rajesh U; Manes, G S; Mahal, J S; Dixit, A K; Singh, ManjeetJSIR Vol.81(06) [June 2022]683-694
Design of high power pump source of eye safe laser for geo-scientific applicationSingh, P K; Mittal, S K; Singh, Manjeet; Sharma, B KIJPAP Vol.43(07) [July 2005]517-521
Development of an instrument to measure density and moisture content of snowMittal, S K; Singh, Manjeet; Garg, R KJSIR Vol.68(3) [March 2009]188-191
Effect of actinomycin D and cycloheximide on ischemic preconditioning induced delayed cardioprotective effect in ratsSingh, Devinder; Sharma, Ajay; Singh, ManjeetIJEB Vol.38(10) [October 2000]982-987
Effect of bacosides, alcoholic extract of Bacopa monniera Linn. (brahmi), on experimental amnesia in miceKishore, Kamal; Singh, ManjeetIJEB Vol.43(07) [July 2005]640-645
Effect of chlorophyll and aqueous extracts of Bacopa monniera and Valeriana wallichii on ischaemia and reperfusion-induced cerebral injury in miceRehni, Ashish K; Pantlya, Hardeep S; Shri, Richa; Singh, ManjeetIJEB Vol.45(09) [September 2007]764-769
Effect of doping on stimulated Brillouin scattering in piezoelectric magnetized III-V semiconductorsSingh, Manjeet; Aghamkar, Praveen; Sen, P KIJPAP Vol.45(6) [June 2007]517-523
Efficiency enhancement in dye sensitized solar cells through step wise cosensitization of TiO2 electrode with N719 and metal free dyeSingh, Manjeet; Kurchania, Rajnish; Ball, R J; Sharma, G DIJPAP Vol.54(10) [October 2016]656-664
Involvement of p38 MAPkinase in attenuation of antinociceptive effect of morphine in diabetic miceGilhotra, Neeraj; Sharma, Ajay; Singh, Manjeet; Dhingra, DineshIJEB Vol.45(07) [July 2007]654-656
Novel topochemical descriptors for predicting anti-HIV activityGupta, Sunil; Singh, Manjeet; Madan, Anil KumarIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1414-1425
Remote ischaemic preconditioning and prevention of cerebral injuryRehni, Ashish K; Shri, Richa; Singh, ManjeetIJEB Vol.45(03) [March 2007]247-252
Role of glucagon-like peptide-1 in vascular endothelial dysfunctionGoyal, Sandeep; Kumar, Suresh; Bijjem, Krishnareddy V; Singh, ManjeetIJEB Vol.48(01) [January 2010]61-69
Role of KATP channels in reduced antinociceptive effect of morphine in streptozotocin-induced diabetic miceSood, Vivek; Sharma, Ajay; Singh, ManjeetIJEB Vol.38(05) [May 2000]447-451
Synthesis of 2-substituted-l-[(2'-carbo-xybiphenyl-4-yl) methyl]benzimidazolesBedi, Preet Mohinder Singh; Verma, Raman K; Singh, ManjeetIJC-B Vol.37B(08) [August 1998]801-803