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Activation of fluorogypsum for building materialsSingh, M; Garg, MJSIR Vol.68(2) [February 2009]130-134
Establishment and Economic evaluation of micropropagated Jeewanti (Leptadenia reticulata Wight & Arn.) plants in field Shekhawat, N S; Kackar, A; Rathore, M S; Singh, M; Dagla, H R; Arya, VinodNPR Vol.5(4) [July-August 2006]311-314
The biology of a newly discovered sardine: Length-weight relationship and condition factor of Amblygaster indiana Mary, Balasubramanian, Selvaraju & Shiny, 2017 from the South-west coast of IndiaJayakumar, T K Teena; Lal, K K; Murali, S; Mary, A A; Kumar, T T Ajith; Mishra, A; Singh, MIJMS Vol.51(01) [January 2022]104-107
Cation distribution in mixed Mg-Mn ferrite systems from X-ray diffraction technique and saturation magnetizationKumar, Gagan; Kanthwal, Meenakshi; Chauhan, B S; Singh, MIJPAP Vol.44(12) [December 2006]930-934
Chemomodulatory potential of Glycine max against murine skin and cervical papillomagenesisSingh, M; Mendez, E; Rao, A Ramesha; Kale, R KIJEB Vol.49(11) [November 2011]864-870
Controlling the properties of Mn-Zn ferrites at high frequency by substituting In³⁺ and Al³⁺ ionsThakur, Atul; Mathur, Preeti; Singh, MIJPAP Vol.46(1) [January 2008]42-46
Corrosion behaviour of AA2014 aluminium alloy-cenospheres syntactic foam in 3.5% NaCl solutionSingh, I B; Mondal, D P; Singh, M; Bhadkul, Anshul; Jha, NidhiIJCT Vol.21(3) [May 2014]168-175
Corrosion behaviour of sol-gel Al2O3 coated Al-Si alloy in 3.5% NaCl solutionSingh, I B; Singh, M; Das, S; Yegneswaran, A HIJCT Vol.17(6) [November 2010]419-424
Culture Viability, Commercial Scale Cultivation and Shelf Life Studies on the Silver-silk Straw Mushroom, Volvariella bombycinaAhlawat, O P; Sinha, P; Singh, MJSIR Vol.75(09) [September 2016]562-569
Effect of Cr(VI) - Fe(II) interaction on the corrosion resistances of iron at different pH in dichromate solutionsSingh, I B; Venkatachari, G; Singh, D R; Singh, M; Yegneswaran, A HIJCT Vol.12(6) [November 2005]635-640
Effect of phenobarbitone administration to pregnant rats on anxiety in offspringsSingh, K P; Singh, M; Jaiswal, A KIJEB Vol.37(11) [November 1999]1070-1074
Effect of processing and polarizer on the electrical properties of Mn-Zn ferritesLal, Madan; Sharma, D K; Singh, MIJPAP Vol.43(04) [April 2005]291-294
Effect of single prenatal haloperidol exposure on hippocampus and striatum of developing rat brainSingh, K P; Singh, MIJEB Vol.39(03) [March 2001]223-229
Electrical, optical and structural properties of indium-antimonide (In-Sb) bilayer film structureSingh, M; Vijay, Y KIJPAP Vol.42(08) [August 2004]610-614
Ethno-veterinary medicinal uses of garlic (Allium sativum) by livestock rearersKale, R B; Gadge, S S; Jayaswall, K; Patole, A O; Mahajan, V; Singh, MIJTK Vol.20(2) [April 2021]426-435
Fatty and amino acid compositions of Vernicia fordii: a source of α-eleostearic acid and methionineKumar, Sandeep; Dhillon, MK; Singh, M; Rathi, RS; Misra, AK; Rana, JCIJEB Vol.55(10) [October 2017]734-739
Growth and characterization of In-Sb thin film structureMangal, R K; Tripathi, B; Singh, M; Vijay, Y K; Rais, AIJPAP Vol. 45(12) [December 2007]987-990
Influence of influenza viral infection on airway smooth muscle activityAshraf, M Z; Singh, M; Hussain, M E; Prasad, A K; Fahim, MIJEB Vol.39(04) [April 2001]329-333
Interacting Behaviour of Bovine Serum Albumin at CMCs of Aqueous Tweens 20-80 Studied with UV SpectroscopyMeena, J; Singh, MJSIR Vol.75(12) [December 2016]725-729
Interelemental interference correction by computational method in flame atomic absorption spectroscopy (FAAS): Study of Fe-Mn system in silico-manganese ferro-alloyRao, A S; Gupta, K K; Singh, M; Upadhyay, A K; Sircar, J KIJCT Vol.13(1) [January 2006]77-80