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Acidic task specific ionic liquid catalyzed synthesis of dihydropyrimidinonesSingh, Vasundhara; Kaur, Sukhbir; Ratti, Rajni; Kad, Goverdhan L; Singh, JasvinderIJC-B Vol.49B(05) [May 2010]611-616
Ionic liquid promoted synthesis of β-enamino ketones and esters under microwave irradiationSingh, Ashima; Gupta, Neeru; Sharma, M L; Singh, JasvinderIJC-B Vol.53B(07) [July 2014]900-906
Microwave and ultrasound assisted synthesis of 16-methyl-8(Z)-heptadecenoic and 16-methyl-6(Z)-heptadecenoic acidsKaur, Jasamrit; Kaur, Irvinder; Sonu; Kad, Goverdhan L; Singh, JasvinderIJCB Vol.47B(1) [January 2008]155-158
Microwave assisted preparation of 1,3-dithiolanes under solvent free conditionsKad, G L; Singh, Vasundhara; Kaur, Kanwal Preet; Singh, JasvinderIJC-B Vol.37B(02) [February 1998]172-173
Quinolinium chlorochromate as an efficient reagent for oxidative cleavage of oximes via the use of microwave irradiation and pestle/mortarSingh, Jasvinder; Bhandari, Monica; Kaur, Jasamrit; Kad, Goverdhan LIJC-B Vol.42B(02) [February 2003]405-407
Selective hydroboration / oxidation of double bond in the presence of triple bond by sodium acetoxyborohydride leading to the synthesis of acetylenic alcoholsSingh, Jasvinder; Sharma, Munisha; Kad, Goverdhan L; Kaur, JasamritIJCB Vol.46B(12) [December 2007]2053-2055
Selective oxidation of primary alcohols with quinolinium chlorochromateSingh, Jasvinder; Kad, G L; Vig, Shikha; Sharma, Munisha; Chhabra, B RIJC-B Vol.36B(03) [March 1997]272-274
Shielding effect on oxidative stress and immune modulating potential of Himalayan Musk Rose (Rosa brunonii Lindl.)Sudan, Rasleen; Bhagat, Madhulika; Gupta, Sahil; Singh, JasvinderIJNPR Vol.12(3) [September 2021]400-417
A simple and facile microwave assisted synthesis of 9-oxo-2(E)-decenoic acidKad, Goverdhan L.; Kaur, Jasamrit; Nayyar, Sandeep; Kaur, Irvinder; Singh, JasvinderIJC-B Vol.40B(08) [August 2001]715-716
Synthesis of (Z)-7-heneicosene and (Z)-7tricosene via organoboranes-Part VBattu, Raminderjit S; Dhillon, Ranjit S; Singh, JasvinderIJC-B Vol.38B(09) [September 1999]1104-1105
Studies on the sustainability of vegetable oil as a biocompatible multipurpose green lubes and additivesNagendramma, Ponnekanti; Goyal, Shubham; Ray, Anjan; Singh, Jasvinder; Atrey, NeerajIJCT Vol.26(5) [September 2019]454-457
Synthesis of heneicos-6(Z)-en-11-one, dec-5(Z)-en-1-yl acetate, dec-5(Z)- en-1-yl-3-methylbutanoate (insect sex pheromones)Jindal, Rani; Devi, Aarti; Kad, Goverdhan L; Singh, JasvinderIJC-B Vol.49B(04) [April 2010]495-499
Synthesis of (± )- (E)-2,6-dimethyl-6-hydroxy-2,7-octadienoic acid, its methyl ester and (± )- (E)-2,6-dimethyl-octa-2,7-diene-1,6-diol over solid support using microwaveSingh, Ashima; Sharma, M L; Singh, JasvinderIJCB Vol.48B(3) [March 2009]452-454
Synthesis of cinnamic ester derivatives from Oxalis pes-caprae using immobilized Brønsted dual acidic ionic liquid and microwavesShallu; Sharma, Madan L; Singh, JasvinderIJC-B Vol.57B(11) [November 2018]1385-1390
Total synthesis of three natural products: Decyl 8-hydroxyheptadecanoate, undecyl hexadecanoate and 2,3-dihydroxypropyl hexadecanoateSingh, Ashima; Sharma, M L; Singh, JasvinderIJC-B Vol.49B(12) December 2010]1648-1652
Ultrasound mediated synthesis of a few naturally occurring compoundsSingh, Jasvinder; Kaur, Jasamrit; Nayyar, Sandeep; Bhandari, Monica; Kad, Goverdhan LIJC-B Vol.40B(05) [May 2001]386-390
Ultrasound promoted synthesis of (±)-8-hydroxy-5-isopropyl-8-methyl-6(E)nonen- 2-one ((±)-solanone hydrate) and 3,7-dimethyl -2(E),7-octadienylpropionateSingh, Vasundhara; Chaudhary, Sangeeta; Sapehiyia, Varinder; Kaur, Irvinder; Kad, Goverdhan Lal; Singh, JasvinderIJC-B Vol.43B(09) [September 2004]1950-1953