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Development and validation of different UV-spectrophotometric methods for the estimation of fluconazole in bulk and in solid dosage formSingh, Amit; Sharma, Pramod Kumar; Majumdar, Deepak KantIJCT Vol.18(5) [September 2011]357-362
Development and validation of UV-spectrophotometric method for the estimation of hydroxychloroquine sulphateSingh, Amit; Roopkishora; Sharma, Pradeep Kumar; Gupta, Ramji; Mondal, Nita; Kumar, Sokindra; Kumar, MukeshIJCT Vol.23(3) [May 2016]237-239
Differential proteomics approach to identify putative protective antigens of Mycobacterium tuberculosis presented during early stages of macrophage infection and their evaluation as DNA vaccinesSharma, Shingar; Rajmani, RS; Kumar, Arun; Bhaskar, Ashima; Singh, Amit; Manivel, Venkatasamy; Tyagi, Anil K; Rao, Kanury VSIJEB Vol.53(07) [July 2015]429-439
Diversity, distribution pattern and traditional knowledge of sacred plants in Kanawar Wildlife Sanctuary (KWLS), Himachal Pradesh, Northwestern HimalayaDevi, Kaushalya; Samant, SS; Puri, Sunil; Singh, AmitIJTK Vol.19(3) [July 2020]642-651
Diversity, indigenous uses and traditional practices of dye yielding plants in Central Himachal Pradesh, North western HimalayaKumari, Pooja; Samant, SS; Puri, Sunil; Singh, Amit; Rathore, SumatiIJTK Vol.18(3) [July 2019]560-564
Dose finding study of Sahaj Vati (comprised of Shilajeet, Haridra, Guggul and Chitrak) in validated animal model of obesityYadav, Kapil Deo; Singh, Amit; Chaudhary, Anand KIJTK Vol.17(2) [April 2018]376-380
Indigenous people‘s attachment to traditional agroforestry system: An empirical insight from Churachandpur, Northeast IndiaPandey, D K; Dubey, S K; De, H K; Singh, AmitIJTK Vol.21(2) [April 2022]389-394
Interfaces and Synergies between Intellectual Property Rights and Consumer Protection Law in India: An AnalysisSingh, Amit; Suman, Tulip; Thripura, VJIPR Vol.20(4) [July 2015]201-209
Patent Infringement: How to Minimize the RiskSingh, AmitJIPR Vol.13(4) [July 2008]351-353
Pharmaceutical Test Data Protection and Demands for Data-Exclusivity: Issues and Concerns of Developing Countries and India’s PositionSingh, Amit; Gupta, Paramita DasJIPR Vol.24(3-4) [May-July 2019]69-88
Surface modifications of biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles and their characterization by advanced electron microscopy techniquesKulshrestha, Ritu; Singh, Amit; Kumar, Pawan; Mishra, AK; Dinda, AKIJBB Vol.58(4) [August 2021]321-333
Susceptibility and comparative bioassay study for determination of fluconazole concentrations in Candida spp. by broth macrodilution and disc diffusion methodsSingh, Amit; Sharma, Pramod Kumar; Majumdar, Dipak KantiIJEB Vol.55(06) [June 2017]377-382