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Anion Exchange Characteristics of Stannic TelluriteSrivastava, S K; Singh, A K; Khanna, RenuIJC-A Vol.26A(06) [June 1987]534-535
Anion Exchange Characteristics of Zirconium TelluriteSrivastava, S K; Singh, A K; Khanna, RenuIJC-A Vol.24A(03) [March 1985]254-255
Anti-HIV and cytotoxic ruthenium(II) complexes containing flavones: Biochemical evaluation in miceMishra, L; Singh, A K; Trigun, S K; Singh, S K; Pandey, S MIJEB Vol.42(07) [July 2004]660-666
Carbon nanotubes based nanocomposite for electromagnetic wave absorption and dynamic structural strain sensingSingh, A KIJPAP Vol.51(06) [June 2013]439-443
Chemical transformation of calliterpenone to phyllocladenePal, Mahesh; Singh, Meenakshi; Singh, A K; Sharma, RPIJC-B Vol.38B(03) [March 1999]367-369
Condition monitoring of reciprocating air compressor using IR thermographySingh, S S; Singh, A KIJPAP Vol.49(01) [January 2011]35-41
Corrosion of mild steel in hypochlorite solution - An electrochemical and weight-loss studyGaur, B; Singh, A K; Rao, N JIJCT Vol.01(4) [July 1994]225-229
Design construction and testing of high voltage (HV) flameproof electric motors for hydrogen explosive atmosphere (IIC) case studiesMishra, R K; Kumar, Arvind; Kumar, N; Singh, A K; Singh, V KJSIR Vol.64(03) [March 2005]185-190
Desulphurization study of Assam coking coal by sodium hydroxide leachingKumar, M; Singh, A K; Singh, T NIJEMS Vol.03(4) [August 1996]171-173
Differential Effects of Abscisic Acid and Fluridone on Postharvest Quality Parameters of Detached Capsicum (Capsicum Annuum L.) FruitsPrajapati, U; Asrey, R; Arora, A; Singh, A K; Hasan, MJSIR Vol.78(04) [April 2019]242-247
Dinitrosylmolybdenum(0) complexes of catalytic and environmental relevance: A novel single step synthesis of dinitrosylmolybdenum(0) complexes of {Mo(NO)2}6* electron configuration involving biologically active 8-roxyquinolinesulphonamides directly from molybdate(VI) and their characterizationMaurya, R C; Singh, A K; Rajput, SIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]551-555
Effect of solar flares on ionospheric TEC at Varanasi, near EIA crest, during solar minimum periodKumar, Sanjay; Singh, A KIJRSP Vol.41(2) [April 2012]141-147
Effective thermal diffusivity of perishable produce as a function of temperature by transient methodSinghal, D K; Singh, Usha; Singh, A KIJPAP Vol.46(12) [December 2008]862-865
A facile synthetic approach to cyclic carbonates and thiocarbonates via dianion cyclizationSingh, M S; Singh, B K; Singh, A KIJC-B Vol.41B(07) [July 2002]1507-1509
Field instrumentation for thermal conductivity measurementSingh, A K; Reddy, N SIJPAP Vol.41(06) [June 2003]433-437
Heterocyclization of vicinal dioximes to seven membered N, P and O heterocyclesSingh, M S; Singh, A KIJC-B Vol.39B(07) [July 2000]551-553
Hexamethyleneiminecarbodithioates of Ni(II), Zn(II), Cd(II), Hg(II), Pd(II), Pt(II), Co(III), Ru(III), Rh(III) & Ir(III): Synthesis & StructureSingh, A K; Puri, B K; Rawlley, R KIJC-A Vol.28A(01) [January 1989]59-62
Hybrid-mode propagation of whistlers at low latitudesSingh, Umesh Pal; Singh, A K; Lalmani; Singh, R P; Singh, RNIJRSP Vol.21(4) [August 1992]246-249
Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated Transformation of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) using Mature Embryonic Axes and Cotyledonary NodesSanyal, Indraneel; Singh, A K; Amla, D VIJBT Vol.02(4) [October 2003]524-532
Identification of blast and sheath blight resistance genes in rice (Oryza sativa L.) through SSR markersSingh, A K; Singh, P K; Khare, Ria; Singh, Aparajita; Singh, N K; Singh, U SIJBT Vol.15(3) [July 2016]325-333