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Biofuels QuizShivani; Chhabra, KirtiSR Vol.56(02) [February 2019]30-33
Curiosity Corner – Health for LifeShivaniSR Vol.56(05) [May 2019]56-57
Curiosity Corner: Air Pollution-The Silent KillerShivaniSR Vol.56(06) [June 2019]56-57
False MemoriesShivaniSR Vol.56(07) [July 2019]38-39
Innovative Minds – Herbal Anti-Pollution MaskShivaniSR Vol.55(10) [October 2018]58-59
Innovative Minds – Auto-Watering Device can Protect Plants from WitheringShivaniSR Vol.56(07) [July 2019]58-59
Innovative Minds – Eco-friendly Straws from Wild GrassShivaniSR Vol.56(11) [November 2019]58-59
Innovative Minds – IoT-Based PlutoShivaniSR Vol.55(11) [November 2018]58-59
Innovative Minds – Old Plastic into Anti-Slippery and Recyclable TilesShivaniSR Vol.56(04) [April 2019]58
Innovative Minds – Saif Seas DronesShivaniSR Vol.56(02) [February 2019]58-59
Innovative Minds – School boy from Manipur Builds Robot from ScrapShivaniSR Vol.55(12) [December 2018]58-59
Innovative Minds – Tree Planting Drones can Restore ForestsShivaniSR Vol.56(08) [August 2019]58
Innovative Minds – Turning Trash into BiofuelShivaniSR Vol.56(05) [May 2019]58
Innovative Minds – World’s First ‘FLOBOT’ShivaniSR Vol.56(01) [January 2019]58-59
Innovative Minds – Zero Electricity PurifierShivaniSR Vol.56(03) [March 2019]58
Innovative Minds-Ceramic Waste to Eco-friendly TablewareShivaniSR Vol.56(06) [June 2019]58-59
Nature’s Marvels – Danakil Depression Uniquely Extreme RegionShivaniSR Vol.57(02) [February 2020]60-61
Nature’s Marvels – Devil’s MarblesShivaniSR Vol.57(01) [January 2020]60-61
Nature’s Marvels – Pearl of SeaShivaniSR Vol.57(04) [April 2020]60-61
Nature’s Marvels – World’s Most Attractive Jewel CaterpillarShivaniSR Vol.57(05) [May 2020]60-61